Medical Marijuana Inc Reports: France to Legalize Medicinal Cannabis

Major Worldwide Announcement to Create Waves Throughout Europe

SAN DIEGO, June 10, 2013 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Medical Marijuana Inc (OTC:MJNA) is pleased to inform shareholders and the general public of an announcement made in France on Friday, June 7, 2013 where the country of France intends to fully legalize medicinal cannabis.

The announcement from the French Government should create waves throughout Europe and the rest of the world: France, one of the most repressive countries in Europe in regard to cannabis, has just legalized the medicinal use of the substance! Before officially celebrating this historical event we will however have to wait for the sanctioned publication of this French decree.

On Friday 7th of June 2013, Decree n° 2013-473 of June 5th 2013 was published, modifying the dispositions of former article R. 5132-86 of the French Public Health Code related to the prohibition of operations linked to cannabis and its derivatives. Basically, the former article R. 5132-86 prohibited all non-industrial use of the cannabis plant. Exemptions to this needed to be granted by the General Director of the National Security Agency for Medicines and Health Products, which very rarely happened.

The implementation of the law is left as the responsibility of the Minister of Social Affairs and Health: Marisol Touraine, who will be ratifying the decree in the coming weeks. It is therefore not yet possible to determine the exact consequences of this decree for French patients who could soon enjoy the benefits of legalized therapeutic cannabis.

Vigilance is however required, due to the mention of necessary authorization before bringing a (cannabis) product onto the market so as not to be in violation of the existing law. This clause suggests that it will be difficult for organizations and patients themselves to produce their own medicinal cannabis despite the relatively low costs related to its cultivation and processing.

Above all this represents a huge step forward for French patients already using cannabis to relieve the symptoms linked to their illnesses: to witness their medication of choice finally become legal in the eyes of the government.

Medical Marijuana Inc will issue a more detailed report – to follow when the execution of the decree is officially published – to better understand and explore the impact of its implementation.

The cannabis plant, removed from the official French Pharmacopeia in 1953, is making its official comeback, 60 years later.

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France to Join Italy & Czech Republic

From earlier this year, in Europe both Italy and the Czech Republic have legalized medical marijuana. This will mark the first time that the company (MJNA) has offered its products outside of the United States, which has investors quite interested in what could occur in the future, both near- and long-term.

One of the major reasons why all of this is noteworthy is the fact that other European nations are looking towards potentially legalizing marijuana and importing marijuana products from America, specifically from states such as Colorado and Washington.

Denmark is a prime example and could provide MJNA and similar companies with more opportunities down the road. The expansion abroad for companies such as this can only be viewed as positive, as it is likely to increase the price of shares and bring on new investors if the momentum continues.

Growth opportunities for MJNA and similar companies aren’t only restricted to bringing things to Europe, however. America presents a great deal of opportunities for medical marijuana companies, as states continue to look into the potential of legalization for a variety of purposes. Source


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