Washington D.C.’s First Medical Cannabis Clinic Opens

The nation’s capital yesterday joined eighteen other US states that have legalized medical cannabis clinics. After nearly fifteen years, Washington D.C. residents are finally getting their first licensed medical marijuana clinic in the district, the DCist reports:

  • “Patients with HIV or AIDS, cancer, glaucoma, or severe muscle spasms are eligible to get medical marijuana prescriptions from their doctors. The District’s medical marijuana regulations permit up to 10 cultivation centers. So far, two other dispensaries and six cultivation centers are licensed.”

While the federal stance on medical cannabis has not changed, there is hope that medical cannabis in the nation’s capital will be an important step in nationwide medical applications of the cannabis plant.

  • Capital City Care, the city’s first licensed clinic, finally opened its doors on North Capitol Street yesterday afternoon and sold its first half-ounce of medical-grade pot to a man suffering from HIV. “As a person living with HIV, the ability to use medical marijuana will go far in helping to alleviate the challenges I have both with the disease and side effects from my medication,” the patient, Alonzo, who elected only to give his middle name, said in a press release from the clinic.”

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