Medical Marijuana Inc. Gives Update on Dixie Botanicals

It has been brought to our attention that a former Dixie Botanicals employee has issued negative and derogatory statements concerning the sourcing, purity, and content of our cannabidiol (CBD)-rich hemp oil. We are extremely disappointed that some publications would choose to publish hearsay and serious allegations without any evidence of their veracity, especially as these accusations came about due to a contractual dispute between Dixie Botanicals and this individual.

In light of the untrue statements made by the former Dixie employee, the Company would like to take the opportunity to assure shareholders and the general public that the hemp and CBD-rich hemp oil products the Company offers are rigorously tested for purity and quality. The Company’s vendor, CannaVest Corp., monitors our hemp from seed to sale. The CBD-rich hemp oil is always tested for cannabinoid content and other natural plant constituents as well to ensure product consistency and quality. The Company and its vendor each conduct microbiological screening (total aerobic count, coliforms, E.coli, yeast and mold count, salmonella) and heavy metal screening (lead, mercury, arsenic, etc.) on every batch of CBD-rich hemp oil. We do not sell products that contain dangerous solvents.

Additionally, the allegation made about the sourcing of our oil is blatantly false. While we don’t provide full disclosure about the location of our harvests, the oil in our products has never been sourced from China. The CBD-rich hemp oil incorporated into our products is non-GMO and grown on generational farms without use of chemical fertilizers, pesticides, fungicides or herbicides. All seeds are lab certified, and the hemp cultivars grown are registered with the governments in the countries in which the industrial hemp for our products is cultivated. The Company also sends products and CBD-rich hemp oil to multiple laboratories nationwide for independent testing. Test results are available on Company websites or by contacting the Company directly.

We stand firm in our support of Dixie’s defense of the allegations made by the former employee. The Company will exercise all legal means available to defend Red Dice Holdings and MJNA should an immediate apology and retraction not be issued by the former employee regarding her false statements.