Medical Marijuana, Inc.’s Year-End Report: CBD Industry Leader Reflects on Major Strides Forward in 2015

The Creator of the Hemp CBD Oil Category Reflects on an Active Year in the Cannabis Industry

SAN DIEGO, Jan. 20, 2015 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — It was a year full of struggles and triumphs for the emerging cannabis industry. 2014 had its share of major victories and narrow losses, but the U.S. made unquestionable progress. Through it all, Medical Marijuana, Inc. (OTC Pink:MJNA) created new categories in a rapidly emerging industry, pioneered an unprecedented national/international cannabidiol (CBD) hemp oil pipeline into all 50 U.S. states, and raised the letters “CBD” up to the world stage in 2014.

Medical Marijuana, Inc. set out to become a leading industrial hemp industry innovator in the rapidly growing global cannabis industry. Embracing the entrepreneurial spirit, the Company sourced, evaluated and purchased value-added companies with a focus on industrial hemp that is abundant in the cannabinoid CBD, or cannabidiol.

The Company, its portfolio companies and investments are pioneers that are making monumental advances in growing proprietary strains, registering the proprietary seeds with international governments, licensing, cultivating, processing, quality assurance, manufacturing, product marketing and resale– as well as community outreach.

Proving themselves as industry “category creators,” each has contributed to writing the next chapter in U.S. and world cannabis history. Notable achievements in 2014 include: establishing the most recognized cannabis product brands both domestically and internationally, shipping all-natural hemp CBD oil as a raw ingredient or through finished products, and facilitating the versatile plant’s resurgence worldwide. These combined efforts put the letters “CBD” on the world map in 2014.

Independent bodies of cannabis research are indicating that the ancient plant, in whole or in part, was once a part of our everyday lives. The return of its use on an everyday basis has created a shift in awareness among the public and consumers worldwide. Many feel that it is their patriotic duty to return the staple crop to the U.S. economy.

It wasn’t without a struggle that the trailblazing state of Kentucky went back to its roots with hemp farming in 2014, with a reported 25,000-plus products that can be made from the eco-friendly industrial hemp plant. The all-natural, non-GMO hemp seeds that were being fought over in the news media spotlight originated from Medical Marijuana, Inc.

After Election Day in November, there are now 34 states, districts or territories that are allowing some form of cannabis use. With consumers of all ages – and pets – it is evident that the country and the world are once again embracing the cannabis plant. “For the first time, Congress is letting states set their own medical marijuana and hemp policies, a huge step forward for sensible drug policy,” said Bill Piper, director of the Drug Policy Alliance’s office of national affairs. (Full article: Recent news reports are indicating a vote may be coming in 2015 that may remove marijuana as a Schedule 1 substance at the federal government level altogether.

Medical Marijuana, Inc. is a pillar within the cannabis community responding to those in need. CBD hemp oil product donations alone exceeded $1,000,000.00 USD in 2014 to benefit consumers of all ages. The Company’s vision is to make all-natural, non-GMO CBD hemp oil available to every person around the world.

We would like to take a moment to walk through the various investment companies in the Medical Marijuana, Inc., portfolio and reflect on their historic achievements – and also give a preview of what lies ahead in 2015.

Medical Marijuana, Inc.

Medical Marijuana, Inc. invests in the vision and evolution of industrial hemp-based cannabis companies worldwide. The Company made history as the first publicly traded cannabis firm and continues to do so on its own and through its portfolio companies and investments.

Achievements of its portfolio companies:

Donated industrial hemp seeds to Kentucky for harvesting
Created more than 50 full-time employment jobs and relocated to a larger corporate campus
Licensed PhytoSphere Systems to Cannavest Inc. for $35,000,000 in cash and stock
Invested in Kannalife Sciences
Kannanlife Sciences was awarded two licenses to develop cannabis-derived drugs based on the “‘507 Patent” research via the National Institutes of Health
Kannanlife Sciences was featured in multiple global and national news media interviews including: CNBC, Bloomberg, FOX Business, EBRU News, AP and more
Major news:

Featured in national cable AWE-TV documentary “Marijuana Miracle Cure, Part III: Journey to Health”

Donated more than $1,000,000 in CBD hemp oil products and sponsored education
Sponsored multiple organizations through its portfolio companies and directly including Americans for Safe Access (ASA), American Herbal Products Association (AHPA), My Compassion, Cannamoms, and American Institute of Anti-Aging (A4M)

Launched in 2013, HempMeds™ is the mainstream marketing, sales, customer service, and logistics for the cannabis industry. The Company has successfully taken to market premier industrial hemp cannabidiol (CBD) oil product companies and has gained a tidal wave of mainstream media attention in the process.


Category creator of RSHO™ (Real Scientific Hemp Oil™)
Accepted by the American Herbal Products Association (AHPA) as first hemp CBD oil product member company
Premier sponsor of the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine (A4M)
Sponsored CME lectures for medical professionals on hemp cannabidiol (CBD) at Orlando and Las Vegas A4M World Congress events
Sponsored A4M product theater presentations showcasing retail-ready hemp CBD oil products
Educated thousands through scholarly articles published about hemp CBD oil at the A4M Phoenix and Las Vegas conferences
Major news:

More than 215 mainstream media news reports on the company and its products via television, radio, product reviews, and blogs including CNBC, Yahoo Finance and more
RSHO™ gained global headline news, as a lightning-rod for emerging cannabis products
Spearheaded the “DON’T MOVE” campaign creating awareness that CBD hemp oil products are available online shipping to all 50 states
The campaign increased awareness that individuals seeking CBD have an alternative that they do not need to relocate out-of-state to access
Increased awareness of hemp CBD oil to hundreds of thousands at trade shows and conferences in 2014
Introduced and shipped RSHO™ globally

Sponsored multiple organizations including: A4M,,, AutismOne
CanChew™ Biotechnologies

CanChew™ Biotechnologies focuses on the treatment of pain and other medical disorders with the application of chewing gum-based cannabis/cannabinoid medical products as well as food and nutraceutical products for general well-being.


Patent-pending cannabinoid chewing gum
CanChew™ Received Triple Leaf award by HealthyLivinG Foundation
Major news:

Featured by Healthy Living Magazine, MSNBC
Featured in Readers Digest Magazine, Newsweek Magazine and Dr. Oz The Good Life Magazine

CanChew™ Gum Supported Adopt-A-Soldier program
Wellness Managed Services’ JV MPS-International, Inc. (MPSI)

MPS International (MPSI) is a consulting firm that provides security consultative services to business and individuals in the legal cannabis industry.


Proactive security services stopped robbery
Launched the industry’s first secure inventory and cash transport through armored truck service
Created secure cash storage solutions
Secured grow house, dispensary and event security contracts including Denver’s historic “420 Weekend” and Seattle’s HempFest, which included the first-ever adult recreational use marijuana chalets
Major news:

Bloomberg, Las Vegas – Fox, CBS, ABC, NBC

Educated and mentored prospective cannabis industry entrepreneurs through 1:1 networking and keynote addresses on cannabis security at International Cannabis Association’s historic conferences in Las Vegas and New York
Medical Marijuana, Inc.’s JV HempWire, LLC


Category creator of CBD hemp oil energy chew squares
Major news:

Supplied CBD hemp oil as a raw manufacturing ingredient

HempVĀP® introduces a first of its kind revolutionary hemp-based CBD oil vaporizer pen. The sleek custom designed vaporizer doesn’t use high-nicotine for an intense “buzz” like other vapes, electronic cigarettes, and hookahs do. That means no smoke, no nicotine, and no high. The unique and innovative HempVĀP® is the premium alternative for everyday use.


Category creator of hemp CBD oil vaporizer pen
Signed licensing agreement with Kannaway, the world’s leading direct sales hemp life style company
Major news:

Featured by mainstream news media including: Reuters, Washington Post, and Fortune
While much was accomplished in 2014, Medical Marijuana, Inc., its portfolio companies and investments are excited to report that we are working on making even more historic industry news in the months ahead starting with Dixie Botanicals.

Dixie Botanicals™

As one of most recognizable cannabis brand in the world, Dixie Botanicals™ offers innovative hemp oil products for health conscious consumers. Our formulation experts include scientists, clinical herbalists and nutritionists, who work to integrate our hemp oil into a variety of beneficial and uniquely effective products – both dietary supplements and a topical balm.


Retained rights to intellectual property of the world’s most first and most widely known hemp CBD product line
Major news:

Dixie Botanicals™ moved operations from Colorado to California

Launching new labeling and packaging in Q1 2015
We look forward to updating the public and shareholders on many more advances in the cannabis industry in the weeks and months ahead. For more information on Medical Marijuana, Inc. and the portfolio company brands that it promotes, visit the Company website.

About Medical Marijuana, Inc.

Our mission is to be the premier cannabis and hemp industry innovators, leveraging our team of professionals to source, evaluate and purchase value-added companies and products, while allowing them to keep their integrity and entrepreneurial spirit. We strive to create awareness within our industry, develop environmentally-friendly, economically sustainable businesses, while increasing shareholder value. For more information, please visit the company’s website at:

About HempMeds

HempMeds™ offers mainstream marketing, sales, customer service, and logistics for the cannabis industry. HempMeds™ is a corporate portfolio company of Medical Marijuana, Inc. (OTC Pink:MJNA) and the Company’s exclusive master distributor and contracted marketing company. In addition to handling sales and distribution, HempMeds™ is the communication hub for the Medical Marijuana Inc. portfolio of companies.

About CanChew Biotechnologies

CanChew Biotechnologies focuses on the treatment of pain and other medical disorders with the application of cannabinoid medical products as well as food and nutraceutical products for general well-being.

The company is focused on the R&D and execution of their clinical development plan and potential out-licensing of their technology. Clinical development focuses on the R&D of the formulation, production and the development of chewing gum-based products for the treatment of conditions like pain, nausea and vomiting, anorexia, spasticity and various other medical issues. For more information on the company, visit

About Wellness Managed Services

Wellness Managed Services provides management support and services to cooperatives, collectives, health and wellness facilities, and medical clinics throughout North America. The services offered range from practice management to product distribution. Our mission is to provide a comprehensive array of clinically supporting health and wellness products and services which will attract patients while providing for a fully operational, profitable enterprise. We seek to provide facilities and patients alike with the latest in quality products and support services that will serve the health and wellness community. For more info, click here.

About MPSI

MPS International (MPSI) is a consulting firm that provides security consultative services to business and individuals in the legal cannabis industry. When security officers are needed, MPSI contracts exclusively with MPS Security to provide uniformed security management and officers.

MPSI was created as a specialized division of MPS Security. With over 46 years of experience providing professional security services, MPS Security is uniquely qualified to bring high quality security management and security solutions to the new and growing cannabis industry. Our professional experience and qualifications are helping to legitimize the expanding cannabis industry by reducing crime and assisting legal businesses and individuals to operate in accordance with all federal, state and local laws and regulations. For more details visit, email [email protected] or call (866) 678-4408.


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