15 Year-Old Boy Gets Free Access to RSHO Hemp CBD Oil – Subsidized by the Brazilian Government

Brazilian Government Subsidizes Real Scientific Hemp Oil ™ (RSHO ™) Cannabidiol (CBD) 30-Day Supply for Gabriel César do Amaral

SAN DIEGO, CA – August 5, 2015 – Medical Marijuana, Inc. (OTC Pink: MJNA) is proud to announce, through its partnership with HempMeds Brasil ™, that the Brazilian government has subsidized the cost of a 30-day supply of Real Scientific Hemp Oil™ (RSHO ™, the cannabidiol (CBD) hemp oil brand) for 15 year-old Gabriel César do Amaral. Gabriel has lived with a rare type of epilepsy called Myoclonic syndrome since he was 15 days old. However, his family did not arrive at the correct diagnosis until 2013. Prior to 2013, Gabriel was incorrectly diagnosed with cerebral palsy.

Gabriel has gone through several types of treatments in various hospitals in Piracicaba, Brazil. His neurologist prescribed CBD hemp oil in October 2014. Gabriel’s mother, Valdineia Cristina Vidal, appealed to their state and local governments to cover the costs of the RSHO (CBD hemp oil) for Gabriel. After winning the injunction in court, this week the state made the purchase on Gabriel’s behalf. To date, RSHO ™ (CBD hemp oil) was the first product to receive Brazilian government approval for import, government-subsidized status, and government insurance rebates.

BrazilCBD1Hemp is widely regarded as “whole food” and “superfood.” MJNA’s (CBD) hemp oil is derived from the mature stalk of the hemp plant and is considered a food nutrient delivering the benefits of cannabinoids without the psychotropic/euphoric effects of THC.

“Recent studies have revealed there are about 750,000 individuals in Brazil living with disabilities such as ‘refractory epilepsy’,” said Stuart W. Titus, PhD and CEO of Medical Marijuana, Inc. “Our products and programs have reached nearly 1,200 patients, so we see a tremendous opportunity to grow and continue to help the population of Brazil live better lives. Medical Marijuana, Inc. continues to further develop our presence within Brazil and we are extremely encouraged with the acceptance by the general public of our products.”

Extrapolating from those numbers, the market potential in Brazil, the eighth-largest economy in the world, is well over a billion dollars for epilepsy.

BrazilCBD2Until recently, the Brazilian government treated anything derived from cannabis, even hemp, as illegal. In a series of landmark rulings, the Brazilian government began permitting the importation of CBD hemp oil products, beginning with RSHO – with registration by the Federal government agency, ANVISA. ANVISA removed CBD from its prohibited substance use list. In the latest ruling by the Brazilian government, as stated in a translated article by Globo, the import tax has also been removed. The Brazilian government also began subsidizing the cost of CBD oil products, including RSHO, for residents that need financial assistance.

“It is truly history in the making as we witness the Brazilian government taking decisive action to support the needs of their residents with subsidized access to RSHO – a CBD hemp oil product that is approved for import,” explained Titus. “Brazil is setting an example for the world to follow when it comes to prioritizing health and well being of the country’s residents. We applaud everyone who has been instrumental in making this happen for Gabriel and others in need.”

The Company is committed to consistently providing the highest-quality CBD hemp oil products on the market.

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