[FOX VIDEO] Fox Business Invites Marvin Washington to Discuss Kannalife Sciences’ CTE Treatment Work

Former NFL defensive end Marvin Washington has made multiple media appearances leading up to the release of the movie Concussion to discuss the NFL, how they approach chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE), and how cannabidiol (CBD) factors into research for a possible treatment. Most recently, the former New York Jet was invited onto Fox Business network to weigh in on what national conversations about CTE the new Will Smith movie would generate.


He noted three key takeaways:

“My company, Kannalife Sciences, we have a treat CTE site, and we want the NFL to get behind it,” says Washington. “We’ll pick up their call if they call us.”

Washington and Kannalife Sciences would love to hear your voice as well, so make sure it’s heard by donating to the treatCTE campaign.

Watch the Fox Business segment with Washington here: