Medical Marijuana, Inc.’s HempMeds® Mexico Set Up to Commercialize RSHO-X, the First-Ever CBD Product Available in Mexico, and Other Cannabis Products

In Anticipation of Mexico’s Historic Push Toward Legalization, Medical Marijuana, Inc. Sponsors and Promotes National Education Tour of Events and Completes Four National Debates

San Diego, CA — March 30, 2016 – Medical Marijuana, Inc. (OTC PINK: MJNA) is proud to announce to shareholders and the public that portfolio company HempMeds® Mexico is set up to commercialize the company’s Real Scientific Hemp Oil-X™ (RSHO-X™) and other cannabis-based products after Mexican families received historic, first-ever import permits from the federal government – in advance of potential legalization across the country.

Medical Marijuana, Inc. believes that full legalization of all cannabis products may soon be a reality within Mexico. Regardless of any near-term additional regulatory decisions, our Company is honored to be the first distributor to Mexico of cannabis-based products to families that have been awarded government import permits,” states Dr. Stuart Titus, CEO of Medical Marijuana, Inc.

“Our initial product allowed for import is a special formulation of non-psychoactive hemp-based CBD that is free from any THC, the first-ever commercial application of cannabis without any form of THC,” Titus continues. “We fully believe in the benefit of all botanical cannabinoids and push for full legalization within Mexico, and Medical Marijuana, Inc. is in a position to bring products to market quickly in case full legalization occurs. We applaud this first step forward by the regulators to allow our RSHO-X™ product and the great efforts of the Mexican lawmakers for acting on behalf of the welfare of the Mexican people.”

HempMeds® Mexico has established operations in the country and is now lobbying for full legalization in Mexico. This lobbying effort comes after the Health Department of Mexico, COFEPRIS, issued the country’s first-ever government permits in February to import RSHO-X™ to Maria Paula, 5, and Alina Maldonado Montes de Oca, 11, whose father, Abelardo Maldonado Constantino, drove eight hours – one way – by bus to pick up the historic document.

After Mexico’s federal government granted families import permits for Medical Marijuana, Inc.’s RSHO-X™, the groundbreaking CBD hemp oil product has been featured in news coverage across Mexico including:

As part of a nationwide educational tour, Medical Marijuana, Inc. also sponsored a cross-border event on April 2 in Tijuana that was heavily covered in the news media. At the event, MJNA CEO Titus explained aspects of the endocannabinoid system and the effects of cannabidiol (CBD) on a wide array of conditions expressed in the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services’ patent 6630507 “Cannabinoids as Anti-Oxidants and Neuroprotectants.”

The event also featured significant segments of information from the Drug Policy Alliance as well as medical doctors discussing the potential for medical cannabis the many positives as well as some potential negative aspects were thoroughly discussed. Dispensary owners from San Diego were present as were politicians seeking change.

Another topic addressed at the event was pain management and the global opioid abuse epidemic that is garnering international attention. A big problem both within the U.S. and in Tijuana, Mexico, the U.S. FDA and the CDC have now issued new prescribing regulations on opioids including “black box” warnings. The fact that medical cannabis including THC, CBD or a combination thereof, may assist with an alternative approach was discussed. Topics included evidence that a New Jersey-based hospital now treats 75% of pain patients with Alternative to Opioid Therapy (ALTO).

For information on RSHO-X™ product availability in Mexico, visit the HempMeds® Mexico website at or, to speak with a HempMeds® Mexico representative, contact the customer service department at:

US: 1-866-786-2440

MX: 001-883-786-2440

About HempMeds® Mexico

HempMeds® Mexico is a Mexico-based company that made history by being the first company to receive a COFEPRIS federal government import permit for the cannabis product RSHO-X for a medical indication. HempMeds® Mexico plans to work directly with the Mexican government to safely and legally provide access to CBD hemp oil products. For more information, please review the company’s website at:

About HempMeds®

HempMeds® offers mainstream marketing, sales, customer service, and logistics for the cannabis industry. HempMeds® is a corporate portfolio company of Medical Marijuana, Inc. (OTC Pink: MJNA) and the Company’s exclusive master distributor and contracted marketing company. In addition to handling sales and distribution, HempMeds® is the communication hub for the Medical Marijuana Inc. portfolio of companies.

About Real Scientific Hemp Oil

Real Scientific Hemp Oil™ is a global headline-maker: The first cannabis product to receive federal government import permits from both the governments of Brazil and Mexico – now imported into Brazil for multiple medical indications and subsidized under the country’s healthcare system. Formulated using Medical Marijuana, Inc.’s state of the art and eco-friendly proprietary technologies, RSHO™ is the finest, most consistent and 100 percent natural CBD hemp-based cannabinoid oil in the world.