CBD Hemp Oil Advocate Penny Howard Covered by FOX 5 News, Learns Global Impact of Daughter Harper’s Living Legacy From Renowned Stem Cell Researcher Dr. Alysson Muotri at UCSD

Harper Howards Unique Deep Tissue Donation with 28-Months of Daily RSHO Cannabidiol (CBD) Hemp Oil Use Fuels Cannabis (Cannabidiol or CBD) Research

San Diego, CA – April 13, 2016 – The passing of Harper Howard left a void in the hearts of many around the world as the condition that she bravely fought, CDKL5, ultimately took her life in January. What her parents, Penny and Dustin Howard, could not have imagined was the extent of the legacy that their beloved daughter, Harper, left by donating her body tissue to science.

Not only did Harper gift the world’s first 28-month daily cannabidiol CBD hemp oil brain to be “banked” for medical research, she also donated a massive deep tissue sample. With only three and a half months since her passing, Harper’s contribution to science is already having a profound impact on medical research for a wide range of neurological conditions under the guidance of UCSD School of Medicine’s lead stem cell researcher, Dr. Alysson Muotri.

On what would have been Harper’s 6th birthday, April 12th, the Howards arranged a visit to Dr. Muotri to see their daughter’s living legacy first-hand. Labeled “HH,” Harper’s tissue cells are now growing into new live brain cells that can be directly compared to her “banked” brain cells on the East Coast.

Conditions that Dr. Muotri is researching include: CDKL5, epilepsy, autism, Rett’s Syndrome and many other neurological conditions. These new brain cells will be tested for cannabidiol (CBD) – a component of cannabis (marijuana and hemp) – as well as other drugs. The impact that Harper’s donation will have on medical research is just beginning to be realized.

The intent of the visit was to help bring closure to the family.

“This is a big deal and I’m the one who wanted it the most, I think, to come to see her on her birthday,” Penny Howard told FOX 5 News. “This is huge for us as a family. And then to find out actually how significant the donation was to science made it even more special.”

After becoming visibly seizure-free, Harper began living a life of a typical child with an older sister and younger brother. With assistance, she learned to ride a horse, swim, enjoyed dressing up and having her fingernails painted – as long as she picked the color. She went on to shatter the image of a child with “special needs” and was crowned the reigning National American Miss Princess Cover Girl for the state of Texas.

And Harper didn’t stop there. As chronicled in an article published by the Huffington Post, Harper’s progress posted on Hope4Harper.com’s Facebook blog was the catalyst for the historic decision by Brazil’s government to import Medical Marijuana, Inc.’s Real Scientific Hemp Oil™ (RSHO™) – and subsidize payments for RSHO™ under the Brazilian government’s health care system.

With her final gift to medical research, Harper has effectively added having a direct impact on global neurological and cannabis research to her glowing list of accomplishments – all before the age of six.

It is clear that while one chapter in Harper’s life has come to a close, her spirit lives on. To learn more about Harper Howard’s living legacy, visit www.Hope4Harper.com.

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