Dr. Stuart Titus Interviewed for the Stock Day Radio Show, Talks Cannabis Research International Goals

President and CEO Dr. Stuart Titus shares the many successes that Medical Marijuana, Inc. has achieved in recent months with the Uptick Network.

“Our mission is to change the way the world thinks of cannabis,” Dr. Titus told Everett Jolly in today’s interview for the Uptick Network’s Stock Day Radio Show.

The premier source for penny stock news and events, the goal of the Uptick Newswire is to provide transparency in the Micro-Cap stock market. Medical Marijuana, Inc. is excited to be featured on their podcast.

Listen to the full interview below:

In his interview, Dr. Titus revealed a number of recent achievements for the Medical Marijuana, Inc. portfolio of companies and shared his vision of the future of medical marijuana in the U.S. and worldwide and Medical Marijuana, Inc.’s role in it.

Dr. Titus began his interview talking about what brought him to the medical marijuana industry. He gained 11 years of financial experience on Wall Street as a bond trader and underwriter before leaving to get his Ph.D. in physiotherapy. He opened a practice in the Carolinas, and it was here that he first encountered the medical benefits of marijuana. While treating local professional and collegiate athletes, primarily football players, they would confide that they were having great success in treating themselves postgame with medical marijuana for inflammation and pain.

After seeing the potential of cannabis and believing in the company’s vision, Dr. Titus was the 7th investor in Medical Marijuana, Inc. in 2009 when the company first went public. Now, as president and CEO for just over a year, Dr. Titus has overseen some of Medical Marijuana, Inc.’s most important achievements.

Everett next asked Dr. Titus about the rapid growth being seen in the medical marijuana market.

In the context of Pennsylvania being the 24th state to legalize medical use of cannabis, Dr. Titus remarked, “We think that is the tipping point and that this trend is inevitable to go fully throughout our nation.” With the addition of Pennsylvania, just over 51% of Americans now have access to medical marijuana. As cannabis continues to move into the majority on public opinion polls, Medical Marijuana, Inc. is poised to capitalize on potential new markets.

The interview then turned to Medical Marijuana, Inc.’s flagship product, our Real Scientific Hemp Oil™.

By working closely with families, regulating bodies, and physicians in Brazil and Mexico, Medical Marijuana, Inc. and our subsidiary HempMeds® were able to help change marijuana policy to allow RSHO™ to be the first cannabis based products available in both countries.

After learning that a family in Brazil was fighting for the right to import our RSHO™ for their daughter Anny, who suffers from a rare form of childhood epilepsy, Medical Marijuana, Inc. set about educating the country in a grassroots campaign to extend access to CBD for everyone in need of it in Brazil, where all forms of cannabis, even hemp, was illegal.

Not only has Brazil approved RSHO™ for nine separate medical indications, but the Brazilian government subsidizes the full cost for patients under their healthcare system.

The conversation then shifted to Mexico, where much like in Brazil, our RSHO™ was the first approved cannabis based product in a country with strict marijuana policies. Medical Marijuana, Inc. partnered with the Por Grace Foundation, a non-profit organization founded by Raul Elizalde, the father of Grace, another young girl fighting childhood epilepsy.

Following a series of public debates and educational forums, Medical Marijuana, Inc. was able to help influence change in Mexico’s marijuana policy to allow access to CBD only products. Medical Marijuana, Inc. immediately set about designing a new product called RSHO-X™, which was the first cannabis product imported into Mexico on February 1st of this year.

This event acted as a catalyst to further marijuana legalization in Mexico, and just last week, President Enrique Peña Nieto invited Raul Elizalde to speak before him on a day that would see him reveal a new direction in Mexico’s marijuana policy.

Dr. Titus stressed the importance of ending the stigma surrounding marijuana. “We think there is tremendous benefit for all cannabinoids,” he said in the interview. To this end, Medical Marijuana, Inc. has a number of projects underway exploring medical applications of cannabinoids. It is our role “to inform the world and satisfy the medical community and regulators that we have done enough research to be able to make certain claims about the benefits of these products,” Dr. Titus concluded.

As a company, Medical Marijuana, Inc. looks forward to leveraging our role in an expanding market and building on the new perspective of cannabis to continue to increase access to cannabis for all.