Dr. Stuart Titus Interviewed on SmallCapVoice Investor Radio, Covers Medical Marijuana, Inc’s Recent Accomplishments

CEO of Medical Marijuana, Inc. Dr. Stuart Titus called in to SmallCapVoice.com today to talk about the latest achievements in Latin America by Medical Marijuana, Inc. and our subsidiary companies.

Dr. Titus provided the SmallCapVoice.com listening audience insight into Medical Marijuana, Inc.’s recent successes. Click below to play:

In recent weeks, Brazil has approved Real Scientific Hemp Oil™ (RSHO™) for a fourth indication, cancer, for import as a prescription medication. This creates further opportunity for clinical studies in Brazil into the possibilities of cannabis products to treat a number of other conditions.

Dr. Titus also revealed on today’s show that RSHO-X™ has become the first ever cannabis product imported into Mexico. The federal approval by Mexico for our THC-free RSOH-X™ opens a projected $12 billion dollar future cannabis market. In today’s interview, Dr. Titus references Raul Elizalde, a HempMeds® Mexico partner who spoke before a national audience as the father of the first patient in Mexico to be approved for RSHO-X™. Raul’s speech was followed by Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto’s announcement of a radical change in cannabis policy for Mexico.

Finally, the focus of today’s interview landed on the differences between Latin America and the U.S. in regards to cannabis laws. Although states have individually legalized marijuana for either recreational or medical use in the U.S., federally, there is a sense of toe dragging and resistance from the government. With the amount of research being conducted on the global level into cannabis and cannabinoids, it sometimes feels that the U.S. is lagging behind. Latin America has been much more compassionate than the U.S. in their approach to medical marijuana in recent months, opening it as a viable new market for Medical Marijuana, Inc.’s products.

“The U.S. is slowly moving forward with the legalization of medical cannabis,” Dr. Titus states. “We see many Latin American countries moving forward in a swift manner toward the acceptance of non-psychoactive cannabinoids. Previously, the acceptance of any cannabis-based product would have been unheard of in these nations — but with our education, combined with different systems of medical care, that is now rapidly changing. MJNA’s brands RSHO™ and RSHO-X™ are welcome in two of Latin America’s biggest countries, and Puerto Rico has 12 registrations with our products. We look forward to reporting on further developments of this trend in the future.”

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