Medical Marijuana, Inc. CEO Dr. Stuart Titus Discusses Booming Cannabis Industry on U-T Community Spotlight

Medical Marijuana, Inc. president and CEO featured on San Diego Union-Tribune radio show to talk about new developments in the marijuana industry.

Dr. Stuart Titus, CEO of Medical Marijuana, Inc., took time away from the 5th Annual Marijuana Business Conference and Expo in Las Vegas to answer questions from Drew Schlosberg about the rapid growth being seen in the marijuana industry on the San Diego Union-Tribune Community Spotlight radio show.

Dr. Titus first discussed recent legalization efforts, including the passing of California’s Proposition 64. The 6th largest economy in the world and already the largest legal marijuana market in the world, California’s decision to pass adult use marijuana this fall may prove to be a watershed for further legalization in the U.S. In states where recreational use has already been legalized, there has been a boost to local jobs and economies and a reduction in social issues like crime.

The interview then turned to the current research being done near the Medical Marijuana, Inc. downtown San Diego headquarters by Dr. Muotri at UCSD. As well as stem cell and neurological research, the Muotri Lab has also explored the Zika virus and its link to microcephaly. Medical Marijuana, Inc.’s RSHO™ was recently prescribed for the first time for a child diagnosed with microcephaly.

Finally, Dr. Titus revealed the recent work being done by Medical Marijuana, Inc. investment, AXIM® Biotechnologies. Using botanical cannabinoids to create novel new treatments AXIM® Biotechnologies is on the front lines of cannabinoid-based pharmaceuticals.

The company was recently able to expand on their patent for cannabis-infused gum. Initially only covering cannabidiol (CBD) in time-release chewing gum, AXIM®’s patent has been expanded to now include the use of all cannabinoids in time-release chewing gum.

In addition to their expanded patent, AXIM® Biotechnologies has a number of clinical trials either planned or ongoing in their effort to create new treatments for hard to treat conditions, making sure effective pharmaceuticals are available to those who are suffering and need them most.

The entire interview can be heard here.