Dr. Titus, CEO of Medical Marijuana, Inc., Discusses the CBD Revolution on Midas Letter

Dr. Stuart Titus called investment podcast Midas Letter last week to talk about the state of the cannabis industry and Medical Marijuana, Inc.’s place within it.

Midas Letter host James West interviewed Dr. Titus on the leadership role of Medical Marijuana, Inc. in the emerging cannabis space. As the first publicly traded cannabis company in the U.S., Medical Marijuana, Inc. has been an innovator in the cannabis industry.

The full interview can be heard below:

The interview focused on the achievements of Medical Marijuana, Inc.’s portfolio of investment companies, including the development of nutraceutical CBD hemp oil products and cannabis-based pharmaceuticals. The discussion also settled on the DEA’s decision this summer not to reschedule cannabis from Schedule I. Although the company is currently localized to the global CBD market, Medical Marijuana, Inc. is well positioned to enter the THC space once federal legalization is underway.

Dr. Titus also revealed the company’s recent expansion into several new markets in Latin America, including Brazil, Mexico, and Paraguay, as Medical Marijuana, Inc. works to bring access to non-psychoactive CBD hemp oil products to those in Latin America who need it most.

Finally, the interview ended on the implications a conservative government, including Jeff Sessions as Attorney General, would have on the future success of the cannabis industry. Dr. Titus focuses here on the enormous potential cannabis has to create jobs and generate wealth as a positive indicator and is sure to reassert the strength of the legal CBD hemp oil market.

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