AXIM® Biotechnologies and CanChew® Plus Gum Clinical Trials Featured on CBS Evening News New York

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]CanChew® Plus and AXIM® Biotechnologies were part of a news segment this week on CBS New York regarding the company’s ongoing clinical trials for the use of its patented CanChew® Plus CBD gum for the treatment of irritable bowel syndrome or IBS.

“We are pleased to have reached another milestone in the development of AXIM products to treat challenging health conditions,” said George E. Anastassov, MD, DDS, MBA and Chief Executive Officer of AXIM® Biotech on starting the clinical trial.

Following successful PK/PD trials to test possible effective dosing, AXIM® Biotechnologies will be testing a 50 mg dose of CBD per piece of chewing gum in the Phase II clinical trial. 

AXIM®’s clinical trial for IBS is being completed in the Netherlands. The terms of the clinical trial allow patients up to 6 doses of 50 mg a day to control their symptoms of IBS, such as stomach cramps, bloating, and pain. The clinical trial will include 40 patients, aged from 18-65, who have been diagnosed with IBS according to ROME III criteria, which includes abdominal pain that occurs at least three times a month for three months and a change in stool frequency or consistency.

If the trials on AXIM®’s Canchew® Plus gum are successful, the company will test it against more severe forms of IBD in the future. The company received the necessary funding last November to pursue a number of clinical trials, including the current IBS trial. The company also released their clinical trial schedule relaying the progress the company is making towards creating prescription cannabis products.

AXIM® Biotechnologies is an innovative biotechnology company focusing on the research, development, and production of cannabinoid-based pharmaceuticals and nutraceutical supplements.

View the full news segment HERE.

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