Medical Marijuana, Inc. Brands Featured in Article on Cannabis Culture Site Van der Pop

Two of Medical Marijuana, Inc.’s most popular lines of products, Cannabis Beauty Defined® and Rev!ve™, were included in an article on Van der Pop by regular Cannabist contributor and cannabis culture writer Katie Shapiro.

In the piece, part of the Stash Check series on Van der Pop, Shapiro gave a glimpse inside her favorite cannabis products, including smoking pieces, strain journals, custom ashtrays, and bath and body products. All the items featured are part of Shapiro’s normal routine and consist of some her most beloved products collected over the years.

When discussing her collection of hemp and marijuana-based bath and wellness products, Shapiro states, “I’ve transitioned my entire beauty and wellness product regimen to cannabis-infused, hemp, and organic products … I feel great and my skin glows (so I’ve been told).”

Among the well-known brands featured in the article were two product lines from Kannaway, a Medical Marijuana, Inc. subsidiary. The Cannabis Beauty Defined® anti-aging skin care system offers everything needed in a beauty routine. Each product, including cleanser, exfoliant, serum, toner, moisturizer, and more, is infused with hemp oil and a proprietary Bi-Bong™ blend of botanical extracts. Also included in the article was the Rev!ve hemp oil herbal product brand. Like the Cannabis Beauty Defined® line, Rev!ve products are crafted with an exclusive Bi-Bong™ blend formulated to balance your systems and encourage optimal living.

Find these and other hemp oil products in the Kannaway online store or learn more on our brands page.