Real Scientific Hemp Oil™ Featured in Entrepreneur Magazine Article on Medical Cannabis

Fresh on the heels of a successful event in Pittsburgh last month, HempMeds®’ Real Scientific Hemp Oil™ is mentioned in an article posted on Entrepreneur Magazine recapping the event and discussing the launch of medical marijuana in Pennsylvania.

Medical Marijuana, Inc. portfolio company HempMeds® exhibited at the World Medical Cannabis Conference and Expo the weekend of April 21-22, supporting the event as a Platinum Sponsor and sharing our hemp oil products with attendees who visited their booth.  

In discussing the event, the article’s author Andre Bourque remarked, “With fewer pot leaves but more MDs, the conference delivered a refreshing perspective of the cannabis plant… that cannabis heals – which was [the event’s] uniform theme.”

Thousands of doctors, patients, and industry experts attended the event, which focused solely on the medical uses of the cannabis plant and its derivatives. Pennsylvania became one of several new states to embrace medical marijuana in the past year. The event’s coverage by a national media outlet like Entrepreneur Magazine further demonstrates the importance of cannabis in the U.S. going forward.

“We are excited to have Medical Marijuana, Inc.’s unique innovations in hemp-based CBD products covered by Entrepreneur Magazine, one of the top business publications in the world,” said Dr. Stuart Titus, CEO of Medical Marijuana, Inc., who spoke as part of the event’s schedule. “Our organization looks forward to initiating further research to demonstrate the potential benefits of CBD products to the medical and scientific community – we really have only scratched the surface.”

Also of the event’s schedule, Andrew Hard, CEO of CMW Media, Medical Marijuana, Inc.’s public relations firm, hosted a panel titled “Children and Cannabis”, which was a huge draw at the event.

It was this panel that was the focus of a piece that was recently published on the Entrepreneur Magazine website.

The article features the three families who revealed their stories on the “Children and Cannabis” panel. Each of these families was touched personally by CBD hemp oil and saw its effects firsthand. Now they are sharing these experiences with the world to help offer hope to those also struggling.

The children in Entrepreneur Magazine’s article included Harper Howard, whose mother founded Hope4Harper; Grace Elizalde, the namesake of the Por Grace Foundation; and Lillyann Baker. Their experiences inspire similar families and act as a center point in the discussion of legalizing cannabis.

The audience sat captivated by the speakers on the panel, and the message struck a chord with many in attendance. In her presentation, Harper Howard’s mother Penny placed her role in perspective, saying, “We’re all just parents, searching for a better quality of life for our children.”

In summarizing the event, Bourque said, “What happened in Pittsburgh this April weekend was a wave of other doctors congregating to further peel away at the marijuana’s stigma to see what lies beneath.”

Read the full article HERE, or learn more about Medical Marijuana, Inc.’s portfolio of companies on our news feed.