Medical Marijuana, Inc. Featured in La Tercera Story About Medical Cannabis Market in Chile

Medical Marijuana, Inc. was recently discussed in an article published by Latin American media outlet La Tercera. In the piece, La Tercera reveals how companies like Medical Marijuana, Inc. are entering into the newly opened medical cannabis market in Chile.

The country’s government decided in 2015 to allow medical cannabis products to be sold in Chile. Since then, cannabis companies like Medical Marijuana, Inc. and its subsidiaries have taken the initial steps necessary to distribute their products in the country. Medical Marijuana, Inc. has already registered as a company to do business in Chile and is now preparing to begin distribution within the country this year.

A country of over 18 million, Chile lies along the western coast of South America. Chile’s population has nearly tripled since 1950, and its population is aging, with the median age increasing by over 50 percent in the last half century. With age-related medical costs estimated to increase along with the median age, affordable treatment options for a range of conditions will be necessary.

Alex Grapov, international vice president of Medical Marijuana Inc., explains in the article, “We believe that this first step taken by the Chilean government becomes a milestone for Latin American countries to review the potential impact of cannabis-based products and thus improve health conditions that have not yielded positive results with traditional pharmaceuticals.”

As a Company of Firsts™, Medical Marijuana, Inc. was the first to create an international CBD hemp oil pipeline. Using this pipeline, Medical Marijuana, Inc. and its subsidiaries have successfully shipped CBD hemp oil products to over 40 countries, including the entire U.S.

Through local distribution branches like HempMeds® Brasil and HempMeds® Mexico, Medical Marijuana, Inc. has worked closely with governments, health officials, medical professionals, and patients in Latin America to create and distribute CBD hemp oil products that meet strict local regulations. This has allowed our company to be the first to provide much needed cannabinoids safely and legally to patients in Mexico, Brazil, Paraguay, and more.

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