Dr. Titus Shares Extensive Knowledge Regarding CBD with Union-Tribune Community Spotlight

Dr. Stuart Titus, President and CEO of Medical Marijuana, Inc., sat down with Drew Schlosberg of the Union-Tribune Community Spotlight to discuss the potential of medical marijuana, developments from our portfolio of companies, and the science behind cannabinoids.

Early in his career, Dr. Titus saw countless athletes using cannabis therapeutically, an experience that had an impact on him. Dr. Titus later joined Medical Marijuana, Inc., first as an investor and then as an executive, and immediately saw the huge potential in non-psychoactive CBD.

During the interview, Drew and Dr. Titus discussed the company’s many success stories. These included Medical Marijuana, Inc.’s role in the grassroots expansion of CBD oil in the U.S. and internationally. The pair also chatted about the company’s cutting edge innovation, including a CBD oil product with no detectable levels of THC specially created for the Mexico market.

Dr. Titus went on to discuss the many indications approved for medical marijuana programs in states across the country and the potential benefits of cannabinoids. He also explained how cannabinoids interact with the human body through the endocannabinoid system and the ways we can support that natural system using cannabis products.

Finally, the conversation settled on the global cannabis market and its vast potential in the future. Dr. Titus also discussed Medical Marijuana, Inc.’s role in the worldwide cannabinoid market, including advocacy, medical research, and the development of commercial and prescription cannabinoid-based products, hinting at the company’s key position as the cannabis industry continues to expand.

Listen to the entire U-T Community Spotlight interview HERE, or visit the Medical Marijuana, Inc. news feed to stay up-to-date with developments from our portfolio of companies.