RSHO-X™ Receives International Media Coverage at Expoweed Mexico 2017

Over two dozen news organizations ran articles highlighting RSHO-X™ and HempMeds® Mexico at Expoweed Mexico 2017. The event, which took place from August 18 to 20 in Mexico City, featured cannabis products like cultivation technology, cannabis seed banks, and RSHO-X™, the first cannabis-based product imported into Mexico.

Expoweed Mexico is the largest event of the cannabis industry in Mexico, with a focus on education and the commercial exchange between providers, consumers, and anyone interested in the booming cannabis industry.

The event originated in Chile, where it has been celebrated for 5 years, and has recently launched it’s Mexican edition, which involves international lecturers and workshops to provide knowledge of the medicinal and commercial uses of cannabis.

National news outlets from Mexico and the U.S. closely covered the role of RSHO-X™ and HempMeds® Mexico in the progression of medical cannabis in Mexico, speaking with members of the the company’s team.

HempMeds® Mexico was the first company to legally ship CBD oil products into the country for patients with the approval of Mexico’s health authority Cofepris.

Speaking with the mother of a patient using CBD oil, Mayela Benavides, the San Diego Union-Tribune revealed what a treatment with CBD oil looks like, highlighting the beneficial effects legal CBD has provided to Mexico.

In an interview in El Universal, Benavides said, “I think it is worth applauding that the properties of cannabis have been recognized so that they can be imported, in addition to the granting of permits for scientific research, as well as planting and self-cultivation for research purposes.”

She continues, “Grace has been consuming cannabidiol (CBD) for almost two years now and is living proof that cannabis works. Now she is a girl who is happy, who enjoys life.”

A piece in the Chicago Tribune similarly shined a light on CBD oil, pulling from the positive results of a study in Mexico on patients using RSHO-X™.  The study, conducted by Dr. Saul Garza from January of 2016 to February of 2017, explored the effects of CBD oil on 39 patients using CBD oil as a treatment option for their medical condition.

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