Dr. Stuart Titus and Raul Elizalde Interviewed as Part of Union-Tribune Community Spotlight

HempMeds® Mexico and parent company Medical Marijuana, Inc. featured in extended interview on the state of medical cannabis in Mexico and around the world.

Medical Marijuana, Inc. President and CEO Dr. Stuart Titus was joined by Raul Elizalde, President of HempMeds® Mexico, last week on the San Diego Union-Tribune Community Spotlight radio show.

U-T Community Spotlight is hosted by Drew Schlosberg. Drew often has Dr. Titus on his show to discuss the recent achievements among the Medical Marijuana, Inc. portfolio of companies.

During this visit, topics of discussion included the expansion of HempMeds® Mexico’s operations, including the opening of a new home office, outreach to health officials and lawmakers in Mexico, and the development of new products. Dr. Titus also took time to speak on the role of Medical Marijuana, Inc. in the larger cannabis industry.

Raul revealed his own personal experience with CBD oil, including the fight and court case to allow CBD oil to be imported for his daughter. Since his struggle to open the door for CBD oil in the country, Raul has been integral in the fundamental shift the country has had towards medical marijuana reform. Starting the first of the year, the medical use of cannabis will be allowed across Mexico.

Dr. Titus next went into the background of Medical Marijuana, Inc., discussing the many facets of the industry the company reaches, including pharmaceuticals, neutraceuticals, natural wellness products, and more.

The company finds itself in an interesting position, as the federal government in the U.S. continues to deny the benefits of cannabis. As in the past, Drew and Dr. Titus focused on the need for additional research into cannabis and its uses to help change prohibition-era mentalities among doctors and lawmakers.

In Mexico, Raul comments, the situation is much different. Doctors have quickly embraced the use of cannabis as a treatment option and are actively searching for more information on its potential use. Many health providers in Mexico are happy with the development of medical cannabis and are excited for its expansion in the beginning of the new year.

Mexico is not the first company in Latin America in which RSHO™ CBD oil has positively affected medical cannabis reform. A similar story played out in Brazil, and doctor’s there have had a similar response to the use of CBD oil.

Here in the U.S., this change has come much slower, and under the current administration, the future of legal cannabis seems more uncertain. Dr. Titus called for U-T Community Spotlight listeners to reach out to their representatives at local, state, and national levels to urge them on cannabis legalization and to support cannabis research, which is sure to lead to a better appreciation for the many benefits of legal cannabis.

You can listen to the full U-T Community Spotlight interview HERE.

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