Kannalife™ Sciences Spokesperson Nick Lowery Discusses Benefits of Cannabidiol for CTE During Two Day Media Tour

As we reported earlier this week, former NFL player and current Kannalife™ Sciences spokesperson Nick Lowery appeared on a number of regional and national media outlets over the past few days. Lowery was a guest on these shows to raise awareness for chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE).

During his media blitz this week, Lowery visited Fox Business where the topics ranged from player protests during the national anthem to the effects of CTE on current and former NFL players.  

Later that day, Lowery was on NBC News New York for a segment centered on a recent study out of Boston University involving CTE. In the segment, Lowery mentioned how personal this disease is to him seeing it affecting so many current and former players.

Next was a guest spot on the CBS Sports Network to discuss CTE with Tiki and Tierney. In addition to promoting safer conditions in the NFL, Lowery suggests that CBD may play an important role in the protection of athletes brains.

The next day, Lowery stopped in to Good Morning Arizona to talk about ways to protect athletes like NFL players from brain damage. Lowery also called in to NBC Sports Radio to reveal further how Kannalife™ Sciences is working with CBD to develop a meaningful response to the epidemic of CTE among NFL players.

Finally, he ended his day with an interview with David Shuster on i24 News. There, Lowery challenged Trump’s assertion that preventing concussions was ruining the NFL and again championed the use of CBD to face CTE head on.

In total, Lowery visited over a half-dozen news outlets during his sweeping two day tour. These interviews couldn’t have been more timely. CTE is in the news once again with recent developments in players suffering from the condition and new research into its causes.

Linked to repeated blows to the head, CTE is rampant among concussion prone NFL players. One study revealed that up to 99 percent of deceased of NFL players suffered from CTE. Conducted at Boston University, the study recorded the incidence of CTE among deceased football players and claims to have discovered biomarkers for diagnosing CTE among living athletes. In the study, only 1 of the 111 NFL players whose brains were studied was found to be free of CTE.

Lowery is hoping to continue to educate the media on the potential role that the cannabinoid CBD can play in the treatment of brain injuries and the protection of brain cells. Lowery sees a chance to develop what he calls the inner cellular helmet to protect the brain from extended damage from brain injury and concussions.

Will the NFL ever accept a cannabis-based product as part of preventative program? Lowery emphasizes that CBD, unlike THC, is non-psychoactive and presents an important step towards giving these players the protection they deserve.

The former three-time NFL Pro-Bowler and Kansas City Chiefs placekicker recently joined the Kannalife™ corporate advisory board. Kannalife™ is a bio-pharmaceutical and phyto-medical company focusing on the use of cannabinoids like CBD in the creation of novel new drugs. The company holds an exclusive license from the federal government to commercialize a cannabinoid patent currently held by the U.S. Government and National Institutes of Health and is currently working on a CBD-based drug to help prevent and combat the effects of CTE.

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