Listen: Kannalife™ Sciences Spokesman Nick Lowery Joins Neuroscientist on The Cannabis Reporter to Discuss CBD Benefits for CTE

Kannalife™ Sciences spokesman and former NFL player Nick Lowery recently joined The Cannabis Reporter to discuss the potential role cannabidiol (CBD) could play in the prevention and treatment of the debilitating degenerative brain disease, chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE).

During the interview, Lowery spoke with The Cannabis Reporter host Snowden Bishop and neuroscientist and CTE expert H.J. Raza, MD/Ph.D. Linked to repeated trauma to the head, CTE is highly prevalent in the NFL. A study from this summer found the degenerative disease in 99 percent of deceased NFL players.

The three passionately discussed the preventative role that CBD may play in CTE. They explored how CBD acts upon receptors in the brain and supporting structures to elicit anti-inflammatory effects and counteract deterioration by removing free radicals.

Although medical marijuana is currently banned by the NFL, Lowery emphasized that CBD can make the brain more resilient and revealed how Kannalife™ Sciences is working with the non-psychoactive compound to develop a cannabinoid-based treatment option for athletes. He also discussed the recent study by investigators at Boston University, who believe they’ve discovered biomarkers for diagnosing CTE among living athletes and the impact those findings could make on the immediate effort to solve the health problem.

Finally, the three explored the challenges of overcoming the stigma of cannabis that have prevented medical professionals from adequately exploring the potential of cannabinoids like CBD. They spoke about the importance of vocally speaking out about the truth of cannabinoids to further education.

Recording courtesy of The Cannabis Reporter

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