Listen: KC’s Between the Lines Radio Welcomes Home Kannalife Sciences Spokesman Nick Lowery to Discuss Benefits of CBD for CTE

Former National Football League (NFL) player and current KannalifeTM Sciences spokesperson Nick Lowery recently visited with Kansas City’s Between the Lines radio show to discuss the current state of the NFL and how hemp-derived cannabidiol (CBD) treatments may play a role in the effort to address the league’s high rate of concussions.

(Listen to the entire Between the Lines radio episode HERE):

Longtime show host Kevin Kietzman and co-host Danny Clinkscale warmly welcomed Lowery, who played for the Kansas City Chiefs for 13 years and went on to become the team’s all-time leading scorer. While the three spent a little time discussing current ongoings related to the Chiefs and the team’s players, they inevitably dove into the league’s brain trauma concerns and the evidence suggesting that CBD may play an important role in the protection of athletes’ brains.

Lowery gave the hosts insight into the efforts of Kannalife SciencesTM to develop a meaningful cannabinoid-based therapeutic response to the epidemic of head trauma and chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE). Kannalife’s research team has examined the effects of CBD on oxidative stress and neurodegenerative-related disorders, and the company holds two licenses with the National Institutes for Health for U.S. Patent 6,630,507 “Cannabinoids as Antioxidants and Neuroprotectants.”

After Kietzman conveyed hopes that the sport of American football doesn’t have to change dramatically to adequately protect the safety of the league’s players, Lowery shared recent promising findings that indicate CBD may offer a safer treatment option for athletes. Research out of UCLA Medical Center of Torrance found that traffic accident victims who had consumed cannabinoids were five times less likely to die from a brain injury.

Lowery also revealed the recent groundbreaking discovery by researchers from Boston University, who identified a biomarker that will likely allow players and others exposed to brain trauma an opportunity to be diagnosed with CTE while still alive.

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