Kannalife™ Sciences Spokesman Nick Lowery Discusses CTE with Denver’s Mile High Sports Radio

Ahead of last Monday night’s Broncos-Chiefs game, Kannalife™ Sciences spokesman and former NFL player Nick Lowery joined Denver’s Mile High Sports Radio show to share his thoughts on the game and explain the work that Kannalife™ is doing around oxidative brain diseases like chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE).

Lowery called in to the radio show and chatted for about 15 minutes with hosts Gil Whiteley and Mark Jackson. The three chatted about that night’s upcoming NFL game and briefly reminisced about Lowery’s playing days. Lowery, a former three time NFL Pro-Bowl and Kansas City Chiefs placekicker, shared stories of the challenges he faced coming in as a kicker to Denver’s Mile High Stadium.

The three soon got into the work that Medical Marijuana, Inc. subsidiary Kannalife™ Sciences is doing around concussion treatments. The bio-pharmaceutical and phyto-medical company is currently conducting research and development for a hemp-based cannabidiol (CBD) therapeutic agent designed for CTE. CTE, a degenerative neurological disease caused by repeated head trauma, has been found to be prevalent in former NFL players.

Lowery went on to briefly share the medical evidence out of UCLA Medical Center Torrance and Salk Institute that indicates that cannabinoids like CBD go a long way to rebuilding neural tissue, and that they may provide neuroprotective effects that reduce the long-term oxidative damage on brain cells.

Lowery explained that Kannalife™ holds exclusive licenses from the federal government to commercialize a cannabinoid patent currently held by the U.S. Government and National Institutes of Health (NIH).

Clearly passionate about finding a therapeutic solution for CTE, Lowery shared that his former teammate, Steelers Hall of Fame center Mike Webster, was the first ever NFL player diagnosed with the degenerative brain disease.

After Jackson voiced frustration over the NFL’s lack of funding into medical cannabis, Lowery pointed out that the NFL is doing a lot more than they ever have. He went on to say that he’s encouraged and believes that in a year to a year in a half, a solution of how to be able to treat players will be found.

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