Stock News Gazette and Finance Registrar Spotlight MJNA Stock Surge

MJNA’s sharp stock increase following Raul Elizalde’s presentation at the WHO International Drug Scheduling convention was the focal point for recent articles on multiple investing sites.

Medical Marijuana, Inc.’s recent increase in stock price was spotlighted in multiple articles in online investing publications. The articles followed news of Raul Elizalde, President of MJNA subsidiary HempMeds® Mexico, being invited to the United Nations (UN) to speak about cannabidiol (CBD).

On the Stock News Gazette, Ramona Zimmerman highlighted MJNA’s almost 11% gain in share price on a single day earlier this month. The article from the capital news organization also reported that trading volume more than doubled in the day.

Share prices increased after the announcement of Elizalde’s visit to the UN to speak about cannabidiol (CBD) at the World Health Organization’s Convention on Drug Scheduling, where organization leaders are reevaluating the international scheduling of CBD. If officials decide to not classify CBD as psychoactive, it could mean new opportunities for business and investors going forward and would likely influence legal access to the compound.

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Finance industry and investing news site Finance Registrar also covered MJNA’s stock surge, specifically pointing out a 70% increase in share price over a recent 3-week period.

The article also highlighted Kannaway’s announcement of its newly-introduced Kannaway Pure Gold, a new full-spectrum hemp oil product that contains zero tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). Kannaway, a MJNA subsidiary, is the first direct sales and network marketing company to offer cannabis products.

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