LeafScience Discusses CBD with Quotes from Dr. Stuart Titus

Medical Marijuana, Inc. president champions use of hemp as a nationally legal source of CBD in recent article.

Medical Marijuana, Inc. President/CEO Dr. Stuart Titus was a featured part of a recent article in LeafScience entitled “What is Hemp CBD?” The purpose of the article was to explore the benefits of CBD oil sourced from hemp rather than from marijuana.

The market for CBD hemp oil has been expanding rapidly since its beginning in 2012 when Medical Marijuana, Inc. first shipped its CBD hemp oil products over state lines.

CBD oil created using hemp is widely available in the U.S. because food products made with hemp are federally legal here in America. Hemp food products, like hemp seed oil and hemp protein powder, have been legal in the United States since the Hemp Industries Association v. DEA court ruling in 2004.

“Through our developmental process, we found a way to fit our products into this hemp food category,” Dr. Titus told the website.

It’s not federally legal to grow hemp in the U.S. except within research pilot programs as defined by the 2014 Farm Bill, but it is legal to import hemp from international sources. Producers like Medical Marijuana, Inc. also must take into account other restrictions when manufacturing their products.

“It’s an additional process, an additional step,” Dr. Titus says of using hemp. “You have to grind, squeeze and juice, if you will, the stalk and it’s a little bit more expensive and time consuming, but nevertheless [necessary] to follow the letter of the law.”

The fact that CBD hemp oil products are available nationwide is an important selling point in a country still in the midst of a drug war. While CBD oil from marijuana can only be found in dispensaries in legal medical or recreational marijuana states, CBD from hemp oil is accessible to everyone, regardless of location.

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