MJNA Highlighted and Kannaway Spotlighted in The Rocky Mountain Collegian

In an article on the nation’s evolving cannabis industry, the Colorado State University paper specifically featured MJNA’s direct marketing subsidiary, Kannaway.

Medical Marijuana, Inc.’s subsidiary Kannaway was the primary focus of a recent article published in The Rocky Mountain Collegian, an independent Colorado State University student newspaper.

In the article, Collegian contributor Dylan Simonson singled out Kannaway as one of “several groundbreaking companies, products and discoveries” that have come about in recent years as public attitudes regarding cannabis have shifted and legalization has expanded in the United States.

Exciting Developments at Kannaway

Kannaway is MJNA’s direct marketing company that encourages brand ambassadors to create their own successful cannabidiol (CBD) hemp oil distribution businesses. Earlier this month, the company celebrated 18 months of growth at a two-day Evolution National Convention, which brought together its thousands of brand ambassadors.

The article also highlighted the announcement of Kannaway’s newest hemp-based products, specifically featuring its new Hempy’s® hemp clothing line that includes a hemp hat and Slim Line hemp wallet.

hemp baseball cap

hemp wallet

The company also recently launched a hemp-based dietary supplement called SuperGreens, a unique full-spectrum hemp oil liquid called Pure Gold, and a CBD and caffeine chew called Peppermint Chocolate Energy Chews.

In addition, the Collegian article briefly discusses Kannaway’s support of ECHO, a nonprofit that uses donations to supply families in need with CBD products, financial assistance, and medical referrals.

Read the full article from Rocky Mountain Collegian HERE.

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