Medical Marijuana, Inc. and Its Portfolio of Companies Make Headlines

The cannabis industry continues to dominate the news in the U.S., featuring prominently in articles this past week about social media and company growth.

Medical Marijuana, Inc. and its portfolio of companies were in the news last week as the cannabis industry remains a focal point in the American conversation. The Medical Marijuana, Inc. portfolio of companies were featured in a pair of articles that demonstrated their role as pioneers within the cannabis space.

Social Media Platforms Hostile to Growing Cannabis Industry

Despite the fact that millions of Facebook and Instagram users report consuming marijuana, social media companies are resistant to allowing marijuana businesses from having a presence on their sites. This news was at the center of a piece published on the Green Market Report.

Mike Coleman, Director of Marketing for Medical Marijuana Inc., said in the article, “Instagram has been more aggressive in policing cannabis. Facebook doesn’t seem to shut down pages even if they don’t allow ads.”

He added, “I’ve heard of companies building a following on Instagram only to wake up and have it shut down. It’s a tough place for a marketer to go.”

It isn’t just social media companies that prevent cannabis businesses from advertising. Search engines and ad networks also deny attempts by cannabis companies to advertise.

“Google also has a hot list of ad words they do not allow,” said Kyle Porter, President of CMW Media, Medical Marijuana, Inc.’s media relations firm. “Even in metadata or in the description you can’t use the words marijuana or cannabis. This makes it hard to reach the consumer with a new brand. For publishers, it’s hard to monetize content or reach consumers through traditional digital marketing plays.”

These roadblocks to traditional marketing channels have forced cannabis businesses to get creative about the way they connect with their customers, including reaching out to them directly using emails, text, and more.

You can read the entire Green Market Report article HERE.

HempMeds® Names New President

Last week, MMJ Reporter picked up the news that Medical Marijuana, Inc. subsidiary HempMeds® named Stephen Jones its new President. Jones originally joined the Medical Marijuana, Inc. as the company’s Chief Marketing Officer in 2017 and will retain this position in addition to his new role as President of HempMeds®.

Jones brings nearly 20 years of experience to his new position, focusing on sales and international logistics. He will help craft HempMeds®’ brand voice and strategic creative direction as the company continues its international expansion and sustains its domestic growth.

MMJ Reporter is a leading internet media company, providing finance and business information and lifestyle content for cannabis industry business leaders, professionals, and investors.

Read the full article HERE.

More News From Medical Marijuana, Inc.

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