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Cannabis cryptocurrencies, CBD skincare, and Baby Boomers lead recent headlines about the cannabis industry in national online media.

Medical Marijuana, Inc. and our family of companies continued to be a part of the cannabis news cycle this past week as our products, portfolio companies, and executive team members were featured in articles covering the steady growth of the cannabis market and the industry’s latest developments.

cannabis cryptocurrencies

Cannabis Finance

Marijuana industry focused cryptocurrencies were a trending part of last week’s news cycle, and with U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions keeping the pressure on the legal cannabis industry in America, more and more businesses are turning to these digital currencies as an alternative to banks.

A number of marijuana cryptocurrencies, like DopeCoin, CannabisCoin, and PotCoin, are looking to position themselves as a secure alternative to the cannabis industry’s largely cash-based business.

In an article discussing cryptocurrencies and the cannabis industry on Jim Cramer’s The Street, Medical Marijuana, Inc. President and CEO Dr. Stuart Titus looked past the industry’s current banking woes to a times when cannabis is traded like any other commodity in the U.S. Dr. Titus was quoted in the piece saying, “Eventually we will get around to trading cannabis. The cannabis futures market might be the largest futures market in the world.”

is CBD an antioxidant

Baby Boomers and CBD

In an article titled, “Why Baby Boomers are Cannabis’s Fastest Growing Customers”, CannEpoch explored the benefits of cannabis and specifically CBD for the large aging population in the U.S. and profiled Medical Marijuana, Inc. brands like Real Scientific Hemp Oil™.

The piece explored the popularity of non-psychoactive CBD among Baby Boomers as a first access point for this generation to explore the benefits of hemp-derived CBD. Products created using hemp oil are federally legal in the U.S. and in over 40 different countries, giving Boomers a legal alternative to high-THC marijuana.

CBD is available in a range of hemp oil products, including capsules, tinctures, liquids, and pure hemp oils. You can shop the Medical Marijuana, Inc. store today to get started with CBD products for yourself.

medical marijuana for pets

CBD for Pets

CBD is taking on the animal health industry with the sudden popularity of hemp-derived pet products. Medical Marijuana, Inc. subsidiary Phyto Animal Health is helping to lead the way with their line of CBD products for pets and livestock. Because CBD is non-toxic and non-psychoactive, owners can feel confident in giving their pets CBD oil products, knowing they won’t get high or experience negative effects.

A trio of cannabis news sites covered the growth of the CBD pet product market this past week, focusing on the recent launch of Phyto Animal Health. Created after consulting with veterinarians and animal health professionals, Phyto Animal Health’s Vitality™ products were formulated to make it easy to support your pet’s system with CBD.

News of Phyto Animal Health was featured in the following outlets:

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