Fox 5 News Las Vegas Features Phyto Animal Health at 90th Western Veterinary Conference

Local Fox News affiliate interviews Phyto Animal Health Founder and CEO Ian Quinn about the benefits of CBD for pets at recent Western Veterinary Conference.

This past weekend, Las Vegas hosted the 90th Western Veterinary Conference (WVC) annual event at the Mandalay Bay Convention Center. The conference, held from March 4-8, gathered together over ten thousand veterinary professionals from around the world to immerse themselves in the latest developments in veterinary care.

The WVC was Phyto Animal Health’s first industry event since launching its exclusive line of CBD oil products for pets and livestock earlier in the year, and the company took full advantage of the opportunity to promote its innovative line of CBD pet products.

Fox 5 Las Vegas sent a team to the WVC event where they met up with CEO Ian Quinn, company mascot Dante the service pit, and the rest of the Phyto Animal Health to learn more about how CBD can be used by veterinarians and pet owners alike to support the health of animals like cats, dogs, and livestock.

“It’s not marijuana, it’s hemp. There’s no psychoactive molecules like THC-9, so dogs aren’t getting high and talking to dolphins and butterflies,” Quinn explained to Fox, “They’re getting the endocannabinoid support system they need to have healthy hips and joints, to support neurological balance, and less environmental stress reaction, things like that.”

 CBD and veterinary care

Phyto Animal Health Hemp and CBD Products

Phyto Animal Health exhibited their innovative line of CBD-infused pet products and hemp animal bedding and litter to WVC attendees at their booth on the expo floor, answering questions and demonstrating their products for visitors to the booth.

Phyto Animal Health first entered the pet health market with a pair of CBD products in January of 2018. With a lower relative concentration of CBD per serving, these products are designed for home use by pet and livestock owners.

Vitality™ is an all-natural CBD hemp oil product that combines decarboxylated hemp oil with medium-chain triglyceride (MCT) oil. Vitality™, best for use for cats and dogs, contains 100 mg of CBD in the 1 oz. bottle or 500 mg of CBD in the 2 oz.

Similar to Vitality™, THC-free Vitality-X™ combines CBD oil with MCT oil to create a daily use CBD product. Vitality-X™ is put through an extra filtration process to remove plant materials, waxes, and all but the smallest amounts of cannabinoids other than CBD. Each 4 oz. bottle of Vitality-X™ contains 1000 mg of CBD and can be used by cat, dog, and livestock owners looking to avoid concerns over THC.

The company also launched its newest CBD oil product at the event. Phyto Animal Health’s Vitality™ 1700 mg CBD Oral Concentrate is the newest product in the company’s CBD-based product line. Phyto Animal Health has specially formulated its Vitality™ 1700 mg CBD Oral Concentrate as an all-natural product that will only be available to veterinary clinicians and animal hospitals.

Each Vitality™ CBD Oral Concentrate tube contains a total of 1700 mg of decarboxylated CBD in its unfiltered oil, retaining the raw hemp’s nutritional value while maximizing CBD content. As Phyto Animal Health’s most potent CBD product, it is intended for use only by knowledgeable veterinary staff.

“Several [veterinarians] have come up wanting to know how they can integrate the language of cannabis in their practices and that way they know how to talk to their customers safe and proper because right now it’s kind of the wild wild west, not a lot of guidance,” Quinn said.

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Sharing Expertise with Fellow Veterinary Professionals

Members of Phyto Animal Health’s advisory board took the stage during the event to share their expertise with applying CBD and other cannabinoids to veterinary care.

Phyto Animal Health had a pair of its Veterinary Advisory Board members speaking at the event. Liz Hughston, MEd., RVT, CVT, VTS (SAIM, ECC), will speak on Veterinary Uses of Medical Cannabis, and Stephen F. Cital, RVT, SRA, RLAT, VTS-Lab Animal, will cover An Appropriate Approach to Medical Cannabinoids.

Sponsored by the American College of Veterinary Internal Medicine (ACVIM), the presentations provided valuable insight into the myriad of positive effects of CBD for pets – including supporting cardiovascular function, supporting healthy joints, and promoting neurological health and emotional behavior.

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