Fox News, CannaInsider, The Fresh Toast, and More Feature News from the Medical Marijuana, Inc. Family of Companies

UFC Fighters, CBD oil for pets, hemp shampoo, and international expansion of the CBD market dominate cannabis headlines this week.

Once again, Medical Marijuana, Inc. and our portfolio of companies have been featured throughout the week’s news cycle. Below you will find more about coverage by major media outlets of CBD for athletes, pets, hair care, and more.

Dr. Stuart Titus Interviewed for CannaInsider

Medical Marijuana, Inc. President and CEO Dr. Stuart Titus sat down with CannaInsider for a forty minute interview that covered topics from all corners of the cannabis industry, including how athletes are using CBD, Wall Street’s link to the cannabis industry, Medical Marijuana, Inc.’s international expansion, and speculations as to where the industry will be in five years.

CannaInsider is a website and podcast dedicated to the booming cannabis industry. CannaInsider host Matthew Kind interviews the most significant players in the cannabis industry, including the heads of the industry’s premier companies, to learn the pulse of the industry and discover where it is headed.

You can hear the full interview here.

Dr. Titus was also featured as part of coverage of Indiana’s developing new CBD oil law. Once wrinkles in the law are ironed out and it is signed by the state’s governor, confusion over the state’s previous CBD law will be eliminated. You can read the full story here.

The Fresh Toast Names Cibaderm to Top 5 CBD Products of 2018

Cannabis news and culture website The Fresh Toast listed its top CBD products so far in 2018. This list included Medical Marijuana, Inc.’s Hemp Clean CBD-infused shampoo from Cibaderm®. Formulated free of sulfates, our CBD-infused shampoo is perfect for all hair types. You can find Cibaderm® Hemp Clean shampoo now in the Medical Marijuana, Inc. store.

See the full list of Top CBD Products of 2018 here.

 CBD for dogs

Phyto Animal Health Continues Successful Launch of Pet Brand

Fox 5 Las Vegas sent a team to the 90th Western Veterinary Conference (WVC) annual event this past weekend where they met up with Phyto Animal Health CEO Ian Quinn, company mascot Dante the service pit, and the rest of the Phyto Animal Health to learn more about how CBD can be used by veterinarians and pet owners alike to support the health and wellness of animals like cats, dogs, and livestock.

Hosted from March 4-8, the WVC gathered together over ten thousand veterinary professionals from around the world to immerse them in the latest developments in veterinary care. The event was the perfect opportunity for Phtyo Animal Health to introduce its new CBD brand to animal health specialists in attendance.

Phyto Animal Health was also a main focus of a piece in, a marijuana news channel that covers cannabis business, policy, technology, and culture.

UFC Fighter Liz Carmouche Shares Her Experience with CBD

HempMeds spokesperson Liz Carmouche was interviewed by CannEpoch earlier this week to get to the heart of her reasoning behind becoming a CBD advocate.

“I was a big doubter,” Carmouche told CannEpoch. “In fact, I was out to disprove the effects of CBD to a colleague, but instead, I educated myself on the benefits and effects of CBD and how much healthier for me it is.”

Now, CBD oil is an indispensable part of Carmouche’s routine. “I started using CBD about a year ago and it’s really helped me move my obstacles in order to achieve my goal. There was a lot of trial and error in the beginning, but I finally found the dosage that works for my purposes,” Carmouche said in the interview.

Largest Revenue Month Ever for Medical Marijuana, Inc. and Kannaway

Finally, Medical Marijuana, Inc. and its subsidiary Kannaway announced this week that February was the largest revenue month for both companies. February earnings from Medical Marijuana, Inc. and its portfolio of companies were notably higher than revenue from January 2018, which was also record revenue month for the company. Looking at year to year growth, February 2018 revenue was more than 300 percent larger than February 2017 revenue.

This incredible growth was recognized by this week by the Pot Network. In the article, author Rick Schettino outlined the current international expansion efforts by Kannaway that have helped spur this strong company growth.

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