CNBC, Chicago Tribune, GQ, and More Cover News from Medical Marijuana, Inc. Portfolio

Once again, the Medical Marijuana, Inc. family of companies was featured as a significant player in the growing cannabis industry in the U.S.

Major national media outlets this week expanded their coverage of the cannabis industry for the 4/20 marijuana holiday. Our portfolio of cannabis companies and brands were included in this national coverage, demonstrating the influence our brands have within the cannabis industry.

Kannalife Sciences Spokesman and Former NFL Star Nick Lowery on CNBC

Former star kicker for the Kansas City Chiefs and CBD advocate Nick Lowery took part in CNBC’s Stock Draft 2018 this past week. Prior to the Stock Draft, Lowery sat down with CNBC hosts to talk about stocks, football, and CBD. Lowery has partnered with Medical Marijuana, Inc. portfolio company Kannalife™ Sciences to promote the company’s efforts to create a novel new cannabinoid-based drug to address the concussion and chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE) epidemic ravaging contact sports like football. Kannalife has the only license on the government’s patent 6,630,507, Cannabinoids as antioxidants and neuroprotectants.

You can learn more about Kannalife™ Sciences’ work here.

Chicago Tribune Runs Story About CBD in Your Grocery Store

Medical Marijuana, Inc. product RSHO-X™ was the featured image of article last week in the Chicago Tribune that looked at the availability of legal cannabis products like CBD oil, hemp seeds, and more in local grocery stores.

The article, titled “Milk, bread, hemp oil? On 4/20, a dietitian’s guide to the cannabis items in your grocery store”, said, “Another cannabis compound gaining popularity called cannabidiol (CBD), which can be found in either marijuana or hemp. It doesn’t have mind-altering effects and may offer therapeutic benefits. In states where they’re legal, CBD from hemp, and both CBD and THC from marijuana, are starting to appear in products such as specialty ice cream, snack bars, beer and cold-brew coffee. This isn’t limited to dispensaries; some grocery stores are selling CBD oil.”

Cannabis Beauty Defined Skin Care Makes Headlines

Medical Marijuana, Inc.’s anti-aging skin care line Cannabis Beauty Defined® was featured in articles on GQ, Hello Beautiful, Hello Giggles, and Fashion Magazine this past week. Cannabis Beauty Defined® products like the brand’s Day and Night Serum, Therapeutic Detox Soak, Toner, Exfoliant, and Moisturizer were included in this coverage.

Formulated free of parabens, sulfates, dyes, or synthetic fragrances, Cannabis Beauty Defined® is infused with CBD hemp oil and our proprietary blend of botanical extracts like dragon’s blood, goji berry, and more.

Medical Marijuana, Inc.’s line of products, including RSHO-X™, Dixie Botanicals® Kicks, and Cannabis Beauty Defined® Cleanser were also featured in a Magnetic Magazine article titled “Treat Yourself This 4/20 With CBD Products – A Little Energy, Stress Relief, And Some Clean Skin.” The story explores the incredible benefits of Medical Marijuana, Inc.’s most popular products.

Rising Sales Covered By Business Media

Medical Marijuana, Inc.’s upward trending sales revenue was a part of coverage in Mogul and Business For Home. Medical Marijuana, Inc. and its subsidiary Kannaway have increased sales revenue in each of the first three months of 2018.

Mogul reports in its article that “By 2021, the projected market value of legal cannabis will hit $24.5 billion with an annual compound growth rate of 28 percent.” The CBD oil market represents a significant and growing segment of this overall legal cannabis industry.

The article discusses Medical Marijuana, Inc.’s potential in the cannabis industry. “The government is not the only ones benefiting from this trend. Cannabis companies are making record revenues, too. Medical Marijuana, Inc. recently announced that it has eclipsed a milestone after booking the company’s largest sales revenue last month.”

You can learn more about Medical Marijuana, Inc.’s success in 2017 and Q1 of 2018 and other updates from our portfolio of companies on our news feed.