Reuters, Motley Fool, Street Register, and More Cover Medical Marijuana, Inc.’s Continued Growth

The Medical Marijuana, Inc. portfolio of companies continued to capitalize on the upward trend of its monthly sales revenue with the release of new product lines.

Following our fourth consecutive month of growth in 2018, Medical Marijuana, Inc. and our family of companies once again make headlines in national media outlets this week with articles focusing on our top quality products, cannabinoid research, and more.

Record Breaking April Leads to Interest in Medical Marijuana, Inc. Stock

As sales revenue from across Medical Marijuana, Inc.’s portfolio of companies continues to grow, we received attention from a number of media outlets exploring the increasing value of our stock.

Street Register looked at the upward trending sales revenue from Medical Marijuana, Inc. and its subsidiary Kannaway. Both companies have set new sales revenue records respectively for each of the first four months of 2018. The article also explored recent developments from the Medical Marijuana, Inc. portfolio, including the launch of new products, attending national events, and receiving media coverage in outlets like Men’s Health, GQ, Forbes, Nylon, and more.

Reuters business news ran a press brief on the release of Medical Marijuana, Inc.’s April financial numbers on May 3rd. The Motley Fool also explored Medical Marijuana, Inc.’s potential in the new year. Based on the recent release of April’s sales numbers along with the financial results of 2017, Options Bro listed Medical Marijuana, Inc. as one of its top cannabis stocks to buy in 2018.

Medical Marijuana, Inc. Products on “Best Of” Lists

Furthermore from Equinox, The Fresh Toast, and World Pro News all included Medical Marijuana, Inc. products in list articles this week, including the best bath products, most innovative cannabis products, and best skin care products.

The official magazine of Equinox fitness clubs, Furthermore provides club members with articles covering nutrition, workouts, style, science, and more. The magazine chose Cannabis Beauty Defined® Detox Soak as part of its “Next Level Recovery Bath” article exploring the best products to include in your post-workout soak. Our Detox Soak is formulated with hemp extract and our proprietary botanical blend of ingredients to nourish and hydrate the skin, while drawing out toxins.

The Fresh Toast included Medical Marijuana, Inc.’s CanChew gum in its list of the most innovative cannabis products available on the market. Using a patented delayed-release method for cannabinoid administration, CanChew gum was developed by a team of dentists and doctors.

Phyto Animal Health Once Again Making Headlines

Respected pet industry publication Pet Product News featured Medical Marijuana, Inc. subsidiary Phyto Animal Health in both its print magazine and website this past week.

First, in an article titled “Maintaining Health”, the author looked at the current trend among pet owners toward using all-natural products to help boost their pet’s health and wellness.

“Part of this trend is a focus on a pure experience with all-natural ingredients and an eye toward environmental conservation,” said Ian Quinn, CEO of Phyto Animal Health, in the article. “Consumers want to boost their pets’ wellness with products whose integrity they can trust to protect their pets’ health.”

The piece looked at the growing wellness market for pets and explored the potential demand for these products. The article was also included in Pet Product News’ May 2018 issue.

Hemp Gig also covered Phyto Animal Health’s Vitality™ and Vitality-X™ CBD liquid products, focusing on the high quality standards, including a commitment to natural ingredients and a strict testing process, to which Phyto Animal Health holds all its products.

AXIM® Biotechnologies Readies for Demand for Cannabinoid Pharmaceuticals

An article published on financial website titled “Breakthrough Innovations Reshaping Recreational and Medicinal Cannabis Offerings” looked at the research and developments efforts being put into the creation of cannabinoid-based pharmaceutical treatments for a wide variety of medical indications.

Companies like AXIM® Biotechnologies are entering into clinical trials and starting distribution agreements in countries such as South Korea. AXIM® Biotechnologies owns the patent for the delayed-release of cannabinoids in chewing gum. Using this unique administration method, the company is working to develop treatments for more than a dozen potential indications.

You can find more about AXIM® Biotechnologies and the company’s clinical trial efforts here, or follow news from the entire Medical Marijuana, Inc. family of companies on our news feed.