Dateline NBC, ESPN Radio, and More Cover Latest News from Medical Marijuana, Inc.

Portfolio companies Phyto Animal Health, Kannaway, and Kannalife™ Sciences make headlines this week as part of the booming CBD industry.

Medical Marijuana, Inc.’s incredible growth to begin 2018 was prime among the notable developments from our portfolio covered by the media this week. Also making the news this week were Kannalife™ Sciences and their mission to use cannabinoid-like molecules to fight the opioid epidemic and the use of Phyto Animal Health products for pet health. You can find more about these stories and more below.

marijuana financial newsQ1 Results

Medical Marijuana, Inc. started 2018 with an unprecedented three consecutives months of revenue growth to end Q1 on a record high. This translated into a revenue increase of more than 190 percent over Q1 2017. Medical Marijuana, Inc. revenues in Q1 2018 totaled more than $10.5 million.

Medical Marijuana, Inc.’s impressive growth was covered by a pair of media outlets this past week. The Oracle Dispatch revealed this week that Medical Marijuana, Inc. stock is trading at a higher volume than normal after the announcement of our highest quarter ever.

“Recent action has seen 4% during the past week in terms of shareholder gains in the listing. Furthermore, MJNA has benefitted from a jump in recent trading volume to the tune of 26% beyond what we have been seeing over the larger time frame,” the article added.

News of Medical Marijuana, Inc.’s revenue and profit growth was also featured on Seeking Alpha. The investing site detailed the highlights of Medical Marijuana, Inc.’s first quarter of 2018 and shared the link to our company’s press release.

CBD pharmaceuticalsKannalife™ Sciences on Dateline NBC

Medical Marijuana, Inc. portfolio company Kannalife™ Sciences was featured in a recent Dateline NBC segment discussing their research on CBD-like molecules and their role in creating novel treatments to address neurological conditions that include chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE) and the opioid epidemic.

The May 20, 2018, segment entitled “Growing Promise” focused on Kannalife Sciences and their groundbreaking research into proprietary CBD-like molecules that may change the way we treat certain medical indications like CTE.

Kannalife™ Sciences was in the news again later this week when former NFL Pro Bowler and Kannalife™ spokesperson Nick Lowery was interviewed on KFRM’s “On the Front Porch” on May 22nd. Broadcasting out of Kansas, the program features a different host each day to visit with various guests who share stories about their lives, careers, and experiences.

Lowery spoke about his youth foundation, his own personal experience using CBD, and the work Kannalife™ Sciences is doing in researching CBD-like molecules and their potential effects for CTE. Lowery has been active in calling for the NFL to consider the potential of CBD for active players.

marijuana for NFL playersChristian Okoye

CBD advocate and Kannaway Spokesperson Christian Okoye was interviewed May 10th for ESPN Radio 710 AM Seattle. He called in to talk with Bob Stelton, Dave Grosby, and Tom Wassell about his NFL career and his new role as spokesperson for Kannaway.

Okoye, known as the “Nigerian Nightmare”, was a feared running back for the Kansas City Chiefs renown for his punishing running style that saw him running over defenders. Over his six year career, Okoye was voted to the Pro Bowl twice and won the league rushing title in 1987. He retired the Chiefs’ all-time rushing record. He spoke in detail about his career in the NFL, including the strain that his body experienced from training, practice, and games.

Okoye was first introduced to CBD by his former teammate on the Chiefs Nick Lowery. He was hesitant at first to try using CBD products from Kannaway. Then he experienced the benefits for himself. Since starting with CBD products from Kannaway, Okoye has become a vocal advocate for the advantages of CBD, spreading the word among his fellow teammates and ex-NFL players, as well as to a larger general public.

Despite the residual pain he has from his days playing in the NFL, Okoye now feels comfortable reducing his use of prescription medications. The show’s hosts remarked on how important this is in the light of the current opioid epidemic in the NFL and nationwide.

CBD “helps players carry on with their lives the way they’re supposed to,” Okoye said in the interview. He urges those who are interested to do their own research and learn more about how CBD can help.

Okoye was also interviewed on the following radio shows:

CBD for pets

Phyto Animal Health

Medical Marijuana, Inc. subsidiary Phyto Animal Health has been a presence in the news and media since its launch earlier this year. Phyto Animal Health Veterinary Advisory Board members Liz Hughston and Stephen Cital were interviewed by a pair of pet-focused radio shows this week, shining a light on the use of CBD for pets.

The pair were first interviewed on Steve Dale’s Pet World radio show. During this interview, the veterinarians discussed the unique benefits of CBD and the current state of research into CBD for pets. They also discussed the Phyto Animal Health product line, detailing how CBD can be used by owners and veterinarians to support pet health.

The pair were also interviewed on Nine Lives with Dr. Kat on Pet Life Radio. Hosted by Dr. Kathryn Primm, the show’s cat-centric theme takes a look a controversial ideas in cat health. On the show, Hughston and Cital discussed the the ability of veterinarians of talk with their clients about CBD. Also part of the conversation was the growing body of research supporting the use of CBD in pets and how that can one day be translated into a greater understanding of CBD effects.

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