Los Angeles Times, CBS News, and More Include Medical Marijuana, Inc. Companies in Their Coverage

Changes at the U.S. Justice Department, MJ Biz Con, and Holiday Gift Guides among Medical Marijuana, Inc.’s headlines from this past week.

In a busy week of cannabis news, Medical Marijuana, Inc. and our portfolio of companies were included in a number of national publications. Here are the highlights of our media coverage from this past week.

Dr. Stuart Titus Interviewed as Part of LA Times Article

The Los Angeles Times ran an article last week that explored the bump in stock price experienced by cannabis companies following the departure of Jeff Sessions as U.S. Attorney General. Sessions had been a staunch opponent to legalized cannabis, a stance that had somewhat cooled the cannabis industry.

According to the article, “Stuart Titus, CEO of Medical Marijuana, Inc. — one of the first publicly-traded cannabis companies in the U.S.— believes Sessions’ departure is a harbinger of good times for the industry.”

“Sessions’ stance on cannabis had been a major impediment toward cannabis reform and now industry participants hold new hopes for sweeping change at the federal level,” Dr. Titus said in the article.

You can read the full Los Angeles Times article here.

Phyto Animal Health Receives Coverage from MJ Biz Con

Medical Marijuana, Inc. subsidiary Phyto Animal Health received coverage for its participation in the recent Marijuana Business Conference.

First, CBS 8 Las Vegas sat down with CEO and founder of Phyto Animal Health Ian Quinn to learn about the company’s history and how its products are being used by veterinarians in the treatment of pets.

“Due to the crackdown on opioids, veterinarians are left with fewer options to treat pet patients. Quinn hopes federal restrictions ease soon so that CBD products can be prescribed to animals and others can experience the benefits he has seen with Dante,” the article read.


Dante, Quinn, and Phyto Animal Health were also featured on the Weed Blog as part of the Cannabis Mavin’s coverage of the MJ Biz Con event.

The author wrote, “I had the best time meeting Dante the pitbull and learning about Phyto Animal Health’s line of CBD supplements and hemp products that are supported by science and veterinary councils. The company has created sustainably sourced pet-specific hemp products that are safe and healthy for your furry family members, just like Dante!”

You can read the full article here or learn more about Phyto Animal Health here.

Medical Marijuana, Inc. Products Reviewed

Products from the Medical Marijuana, Inc. store were featured this week in reviews and buyers guides.

First, the Cannabis Beauty Defined line of anti-aging skin care products was reviewed recently by blogger Laurali Graham.

“Are you searching for the perfect anti-aging Cannabis beauty products to buy for yourself and friends? Do you want to improve your overall beauty with natural anti-aging Cannabis products? Do not search any longer; you have come to the right place. Here, we present you a list of Cannabis anti-aging beauty products you can buy as gifts and also use to improve your beauty during the holiday season,” the author said in the review.

Cannabis Beauty Defined anti-aging products were designed to work as a complete skin care routine to help clean, pamper, and protect your skin with natural botanical ingredients.

The author continued, “Buy any of these products for your loved ones and yourself to restore, nourish, and enhance your skin health, wellness, and beauty. Click HERE to purchase your very own Cannabis Beauty Defined products.”

Then, Cibdex CBD Sprays were included among The Fresh Toast’s 7 Gift Ideas For Your CBD Lover This Holiday Season.

Cibdex has definitely gone above and beyond in package and pump design. Two sprays under the tongue equals out to around 160 dosages from this 500ml bottle. Cibdex touts the deliciousness of the vanilla to the point that you might want to get one for you and one for your lucky recipient,” the article reads.

You can find these products and many more for sale in the Medical Marijuana, Inc. store.

Kannaway Featured in Special Cannabis Edition of MLM Worldwide

Direct selling online magazine MLM Worldwide looked at Kannaway’s European expansion and booming growth. MLM Worldwide is one of the biggest names in direct selling news, covering global events and developments from the MLM industry.

The article, titled Kannaway is targeting $50 million in sales of CBD hemp oil products, examined the potential market for Kannaway’s impressive lineup of CBD and hemp lifestyle products. Kannaway’s Europe Grand Opening and rapid European expansion were also explored as a factor for the company’s success.

“The foundation has been laid and in 2019 we will step up our activities, especially in the German-speaking countries. Further growth will be driven by the many new products introduced at the event,” said Alex Grapov, International Vice President for Kannaway.

The article also highlighted Kannaway’s sales revenue growth quarter after quarter in 2018, the continuation of a trend that began in March of 2016.

“Should fourth-quarter momentum pick up, it’s likely to break even the $50 million mark, making Kannaway the global leader in network marketing with CBD hemp oil-based products,” the article reads.

You can read the full article here.

More Media Coverage

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