PBS NewsHour Leads Medical Marijuana, Inc. Headlines This Week

Hemp farmers affected by government shutdown, a look at global cannabis legalization, and CBD for skin care among recent Medical Marijuana, Inc. news.

The future of hemp cultivation in America, shifting cannabis policy in Mexico, and CBD beauty products are trending topics in popular news outlets over this past week. Keep reading to learn more.

Medical Marijuana, Inc. CEO Interviewed for PBS NewsHour

The farming and hemp industries got an early Christmas present when President Trump signed the 2018 Farm Bill into law in December, officially legalizing hemp in the U.S. However, just days later, the government shutdown would hamper U.S. farmers’ ability to register to grow hemp in 2019.

The hemp industry is expected to flourish in coming years, and experts predict that hemp-derived CBD is expected to be worth $22 billion in just four years. Yet “because of the shutdown, those who hoped to take advantage of hemp’s projected growth have had to wait to invest or add the plant to their crops,” the article reads.

“The wonderful new legislation passed just in time for this shutdown,” Medical Marijuana, Inc. CEO Dr. Stuart Titus told PBS. “Some of the farmers might possibly miss out on planting a hemp crop” this spring as a result of the delay, DR. Titus said of the shutdown.

You can read the full article here.

Learn more about the effects of the government shutdown on hemp farmers here.

Mexican News Site Looks at Potential of Legal Cannabis

An article published this week on spanish language website Magazine highlighted the growing global cannabis industry and how it will affect the cannabis industry in Mexico. The story includes a summary of cannabis legalization’s timeline and the extent of its expanding markets.

One of the topics explored in the article is the potential of cannabinoid-based pharmaceuticals to impact the way we look at hard to treat conditions. According to the article, “Stuart Titus, of Medical Marijuana, estimates that cannabis products can compete, in these pathologies, with up to 40% of traditional drugs currently marketed.”

Two of Medical Marijuana, Inc.’s investments, Kannalife™ Sciences and AXIM® Biotechnologies are working with cannabinoids to create novel new drugs to treat a range of conditions.

Cannabis Beauty Defined Skincare Line on Beauty Site

Popular beauty website It’s a Glam Thing featured the Cannabis Beauty Defined Anti-Aging Skincare products in an article that explored the link between the products and traditional Korean beauty philosophy.

“Korean beauty products are created with the Korean beauty philosophy in mind and designed to work long-term by nurturing the skin starting at the root. The long-term, gentle approach is what really helps skin get that glow that truly beams with that signature ‘K-beauty healthy and hydrated look’,” the article reads.

The piece also included a look at the formulator of the Cannabis Beauty Defined product line, Jenelle Kim, saying, “Meet Dr. Jenelle Kim, the Queen of Korean Skincare and formulator of Cannabis Beauty Defined, the first-ever Korean skincare line that incorporates CBD oil into traditional K-beauty products to further enhance the benefits your skin already receives from traditional skincare.”

You can find Cannabis Beauty Defined products in the Medical Marijuana, Inc. store.  

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