Benzinga, ABC News, and More Feature Medical Marijuana, Inc. Companies This Week

CBD guidelines for physicians, UFC fighters and CBD, and using cannabinoids to protect NFL players among the topics our family of companies were featured around this week.

News from across the Medical Marijuana, Inc. family of companies made headlines this week as the cannabis industry continues to trend as a topic. Here is the biggest news from across our portfolio.

Medical Marijuana, Inc. CBD Products Listed in PDR

Medical Marijuana, Inc. became the first company to have its CBD products listed among the prescribing guidelines provided in the U.S. Prescribers’ Digital Reference when Real Scientific Hemp Oil™ (RSHO™) Gold Label and Kannaway Pure Gold CBD products were added to the 2019 edition of the important healthcare resource.

“It’s an honor for our portfolio of companies to have the first CBD supplements listed in the iconic PDR®, which has been a resource for healthcare providers for over 70 years,” said Medical Marijuana, Inc. CEO Dr. Stuart Titus. “We hope that this will help healthcare providers understand more about the benefits of our high-quality CBD products.”

The Prescribers’ Digital Reference or “PDR” (known in its hard copy form as the Physicians’ Desk Reference) delivers comprehensive and innovative knowledge on the health industry’s products and services to support the prescribing decisions of health professionals.

This inclusion of Medical Marijuana, Inc. CBD products in the PDR is an important milestone for CBD as it gains acceptance by the medical community as a health and wellness compound. You can find the entries in the PDR for our CBD products here.

“Now that CBD medications are listed in the PDR, more people will have a better understanding of how to use cannabis supplements correctly,” reads “Legalization is one thing, but spreading knowledge and the correct use the plant as medicine is another uphill battle. Far too many people still don’t know much about how to use CBD correctly, but this is one big step for us all.”

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HempMeds Spokesperson Liz Carmouche Talks CBD and Her Upcoming UFC Fight

UFC star and CBD advocate Liz Carmouche sat down for an interview with to discuss her upcoming fight and her role as a CBD advocate for athletes and a spokesperson for Medical Marijuana, Inc. subsidiary HempMeds®.

“CBD has made sense to me because I always preferred to put natural things in my body and not be weighted down with prescriptions that are associated with many side effects and addiction risks. I tried many different brands of CBD, but HempMeds works the best for me,” Carmouche said in the interview.

She continued, “The HempMeds team was really relatable from the beginning and made me excited to try the products. I fell in love with the quality and affects the first time I used them. I now use them daily and also promote them in my gyms. My favorite HempMeds products are the Real Scientific Hemp Oil Capsules and the Real Scientific Hemp Oil Salve!”

Carmouche fights next against Lucie Pudilova at UFC Fight Night 145 on February 23rd.

Kannalife™ Sciences Featured for Work with Cannabinoids and CTE

Medical Marijuana, Inc. subsidiary Kannalife™ Sciences was in the news again this week related to their work with cannabinoids and neurological conditions. Kannalife™ Sciences was awarded licenses on the government’s patent on cannabinoids as neuroprotectants to develop synthetic cannabinoids to address the issue of CTE among athletes like professional football players.

CTE or Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy is a neurological condition linked to repeated blows to the head. The condition is only diagnosed after death with an autopsy, but a significant percentage of players in the NFL are suspected to suffer from its effects.

Kannalife™ Sciences spokesperson and former NFL kicker Nick Lowery is regularly interviewed regarding Kannalife™’s research into CTE, providing his unique, first-hand experience with the need to solve this CTE epidemic from among his fellow football players.

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Dixie Botanicals® Featured in Article Looking at CBD

Outdoor sports website The Inertia looked at CBD for surfers and similar outdoor athletes, including some history of CBD use and the risks consumers should be aware of. With the rising popularity of CBD, there has been a rise of shady businesses trying to capitalize on consumer demand with inferior products and questionable CBD content.

“Unfortunately that’s one of the realities of producing a product that’s unregulated,” Mike Coleman, VP of Dixie Botanicals, told The Inertia. “There are CBD suppliers out there who are just trying to make a buck.”

For that reason, it is important to purchase CBD products like those from Dixie Botanicals® that have been Triple Lab Tested™ to ensure they are safe and contain the levels of CBD listed on the package.

You can shop the Dixie Botanicals® line of CBD products now in our online store.

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