MarketWatch, The San Diego Union-Tribune, and PotNetwork Lead Our Headlines This Week

CBD for Athletes, the legal hemp industry in the U.S., and medical cannabis in Latin America among the biggest topics in the cannabis industry this week.

The Medical Marijuana, Inc. portfolio of companies was included in a number of publications this week as hemp and CBD continue to trend as news topics in the U.S. and internationally. Keep reading for our top headlines from the past week.

MarketWatch Includes HempMeds® in CBD and Athletes Feature

A recent article on MarketWatch looked at the growing trend of CBD use by athletes and gym-goers. Titled “CBD is coming to s SoulCycle near you”, the post explores the potential benefits of using CBD daily for those who regularly perform intense physical activity.

Medical Marijuana, Inc. distributes CBD products like topical salves, tinctures and liquids, vapes, and pure hemp oils through brands like Dixie Botanicals®, Real Scientific Hemp Oil™, and HempMeds®.

“CBD interacts with the body’s native systems to assist the body in achieving homeostasis, and many people have found these balancing properties help them recover more quickly so they’re able to perform at their best at their next competition or practice,” a spokeswoman for HempMeds told MarketWatch.

You can learn more about HempMeds® here, or shop the Medical Marijuana, Inc. store to get started with CBD products today.

The San Diego Union-Tribune Publishes Open Letter from Dr. Stuart Titus

Earlier this month, an open letter regarding hemp legalization in the U.S. penned by Medical Marijuana, Inc. CEO Dr. Stuart Titus was published by The San Diego Union-Tribune. Medical Marijuna, Inc. is headquartered in San Diego, as are several of our subsidiaries, making it an ideal outlet for this letter of support for the legal hemp industry in America.

“San Diego is poised to become a leader in the growing hemp and CBD (cannabidiol) marketplace thanks to the abundance of entrepreneurs, high-quality research institutes and agricultural excellence,” the letter reads.

The hemp industry is expected to grow significantly in coming years, and the hemp-derived CBD industry alone is expected to reach $22 billion by 2022. This marks an enormous opportunity for local farmers and manufacturers to take advantage of this booming market sector.

“Though the future looks bright for hemp, there is much change needed nationally and locally before we can transform this burgeoning industry into significant growth opportunities for revenue and wellness in the U.S., California and San Diego,” Dr. Titus writes. “Now is the time for citizens to get involved and explain to their local representatives how hemp or CBD has influenced their lives and it has the potential to provide people with many important health benefits. I hope that with the help of our local advocates, organizations such as the FDA and the DEA will see the need to expand access to hemp and make it easier for domestic sources to grow America’s first agricultural crop with great success again.”

You can read the complete letter here.

Cannabis Legalization in Latin America

The PotNetwork recently posted a story breaking down the movement to legalize medical cannabis country by country in Latin America.

“Latin America hosts some of the most progressive medical marijuana deregulations in the world. A total of eight countries have legalized some form of medical marijuana use across Central and South America,” the article reads. “Each country’s legislation permits different levels of cultivation, distribution, and manufacturing, which can represent significant monetary gains for investors and the nations themselves.”

Through our portfolio of companies, Medical Marijuana, Inc. was the first to legally ship cannabis products to several of the countries listed in this article, including Brazil, Mexico, and Paraguay. Our companies work directly with doctors and patients in these countries to ensure that those who need access to CBD products receive it.

This news was also picked up by 420 Intel.

Portfolio company HempMeds® Brasil was featured in a number of news outlets tied to its role in the country as the first to ship its products to patients in the country.

“HempMeds is not only importing CBD oil into Brazil, but it’s building a learning community for doctors to build their knowledge about the benefits of CBD as medicine,” an article on PotNetwork reads.

The company recently hosted an educational event for doctors to help them confidently prescribe CBD products for their patients.

News about CBD products in Brazil was also picked up by the following:

HempMeds® Launches New Personal Care Line

Medical Marijuana, Inc. subsidiary HempMeds® introduced a new line of CBD-infused personal care products to its customers earlier this month. This launch was picked up by Trend Hunter this week, which featured the new products on its website.

“Alongside hemp oil, some of the other key ingredients that can be found throughout the Personal Care Line include argan oil, goji berry extract, [and] green tea…” the article reads.

This product launch comes shortly after Medical Marijuana, Inc. and its portfolio of products from companies like Kannaway and HempMeds® were among the first to receive Certification Seals from the U.S. Hemp Authority,

“As the market for hemp-derived products undergoes rapid growth, it is critically important for us to signal to the world that we intend to act responsibly,” said Marielle Weintraub, U.S. Hemp Authority president, in a post on Hemp Today. “Quality assurance and safety must come first, and that’s why we set off on this journey.”

“Creating these standards was a long journey, but after thousands of pages of public and stakeholder input and countless hours of hard work, we are thrilled to announce our first awardees today,” she continued in an article from Terpenes and Testing Magazine.

You can learn more about what this seal from the U.S. Hemp Authority means for our family of products here.

Real Scientific Hemp Oil™ Reviewed

Products from Medical Marijuana, Inc. were featured in a pair of reviews in recent weeks. Both reviews were positive in nature, helping to support our CBD products as the first choice for consumers.

Popular CBD website CBD ReVu reviewed RSHO™ Green Label Liquid in a recent post. The site listed our safe, non-toxic CO2 extraction, our Triple Lab Tested™ standard, and our clean cultivation process as benefits to RSHO™ products like Green Label Liquid.

The Medical Marijuana, Inc. portfolio of products was also reviewed by Natural Wellness CBD Oil this past week.

“Companies are clamoring to sell CBD which means consumers must be wary; not every brand is reputable. Our goal is to you separate the wheat from the chaff in the industry, and today, we look at Medical Marijuana Inc,” the review reads. “This is not only a reputable brand; it is a company that sells about as many CBD products as we have seen from any one firm.”

This diversity of products ensures that we have the perfect CBD oil products for each of our customers. “There are tens of thousands of satisfied customers so clearly, Medical Marijuana Inc. is doing something right!” the review continues.

You can find our complete line of products here.

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