The Motley Fool, Yahoo Finance, MG Magazine, and Others Highlight Medical Marijuana, Inc. in Their News Coverage

Medical Marijuana, Inc. and our family of companies made headlines this week for our work bringing CBD to patients in Mexico, our research into cannabinoids, our top quality CBD products, and more. 

The cannabis and CBD industries continue to dominate the news cycle week after week. Medical Marijuana, Inc. was once again part of this conversation, receiving coverage in dozens of media outlets. Keep reading for the highlights from this coverage.

HempMeds® Mexico Recognized by Business Media

Medical Marijuana, Inc. subsidiary HempMeds® Mexico was active from the beginning advocating for patient access to CBD in the country. Our company’s efforts to bring CBD products to the people of Mexico was picked up by the International Business Times and the Motley Fool

“One company that hasn’t been shy about its push into Mexico is Medical Marijuana, Inc., the very first publicly listed pot stock. Southern California-based Medical Marijuana was the first company to import CBD-rich oils into Mexico in 2016, giving it a head start on building important relationships with the country’s medical community. You’ll note that even with recreational legalization likely on the horizon, medical spending should continue to grow in Mexico. That gives Medical Marijuana and its RSHO-X hemp oil a real shot to continue penetrating Mexico’s medical cannabis market,” the article reads. 

You can find more about our operations in Mexico here

AXIM® Biotechnologies Researches Cannabinoids

Medical Marijuana, Inc. investment AXIM® Biotechnologies works with cannabinoids like CBD and CBG to develop new drugs and consumer products aimed at a number of health concerns. In the news recently were AXIM®’s efforts to address oral health with products like the company’s CanChew™ CBD gum and Orimax™ CBG dental hygiene line. 

AXIM® executives also added their voice to the debate over the current lack of CBD regulations by the FDA. Recently, Senator Mitch McConnell (R-Ky) has pushed to give the FDA a deadline by which to create its CBD regulations. 

John Huemoeller, AXIM® Biotechnologies CEO was quoted saying, “Last year, hemp and CBD were legalized through the 2018 Farm Bill. A few months ago, the DEA requested an increase in the amount of cannabis grown in the U.S. for research. Now it’s time for the FDA to recognize that cannabis and CBD products aren’t just a fad, but, because of their many wellness benefits, they are here to stay. We look forward to understanding how these new regulations may help the industry grow by setting needed safety standards and provide consumers with an overall improved level of trust in CBD and other cannabis products.”

AXIM® Biotechnologies was featured in the following media outlets recently: 

Adding to the Cannabis Conversation

As a leader in the CBD industry, Medical Marijuana, Inc.’s leadership is often sought out as an expert source for news articles exploring the CBD and cannabis industries. Medical Marijuana, Inc. CEO Dr. Stuart Titus was tapped recently to comment on the need for additional research on the cannabis plant in an article on MG Magazine

“For many years, U.S.-based researchers have had extreme difficulties in performing medical cannabis studies because of the lack of quality in the cannabis that is available for research and the lack of diversity in organizations allowed to grow it for this purpose,” Dr. Titus said. “Currently, the University of Mississippi is the only organization federally approved to grow this cannabis… It is encouraging to see the DEA taking steps to change this and offer researchers the opportunity to gain access to higher-quality cannabis and do more in-depth studies on its potential wellness benefits.”

Dr. Titus was also interviewed by Terpenes & Testing Magazine about the maturing CBD industry and how research is changing the way we look at safe CBD oil. In the interview, Dr. Titus also stressed the need for strict quality standards be developed by the CBD industry to help protect customers.

“A Hemp Roundtable group has formed, consisting of industry leaders who are interested in providing quality-assured products,” he explained. “Members are looking to get ahead of any potential federal regulations that will be imposed. The Hemp Roundtable’s US Hemp Authority now has a seal of approval for CBD manufacturers who have met requirements for quality manufacturing with tested and certified products.”

You can learn more about Medical Marijuana, Inc.’s leadership team here

Top Quality CBD Products from Medical Marijuana, Inc.

At Medical Marijuana, Inc., we pride ourselves on providing the safest and highest quality CBD products on the market. Because of this, our products are regularly featured in the media as part of buyer’s guides, best picks, product reviews, gift guides, and more. 

We were the first in the CBD industry to develop strict quality standards, including our Triple Lab Tested™ guarantee, to ensure our customers receive only the best CBD oil products available. 

Medical Marijuana, Inc. products were recently featured in the following media sources. 

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