Finance Registrar Bullish on MJNA

A new article on Finance Registrar focuses on MJNA’s market cap and spotlights recent developments of its subsidiaries.

Medical Marijuana, Inc. and its subsidiary HempMeds® Brasil received high praise recently in an online article by Finance Registrar. The finance industry and investing news site spotlighted MJNA’s market cap, which it reported has surged from $180M to $343.4M.

In the piece, contributor Ross McDonald highlighted HempMeds® Brasil, whose CBD oil products were the first cannabis-based products legally authorized for import by ANVISA for patients in Brazil. Patients in Brazil can gain access to HempMeds® Brasil’s Real Scientific Hemp Oil (RSHO) pure CBD hemp oil after gaining their doctor’s prescription and authorization from ANVISA to import the products.

Referring to RSHO as the “go-to” cannabinoid in Brazil, McDonald detailed the publicity the company received after a young girl there used the CBD oil.

McDonald also briefly highlighted MJNA subsidiary Kannaway, a network sales and marketing company in the hemp space that has experienced 18 consecutive months of growth. He also noted the research and development of cannabinoid-based pharmaceuticals by MJNA investment companies and shared the results of a recent clinical study MJNA participated in.

MJNA a “Trailblazer”

In conclusion, the Finance Registrar piece touted that “CBD oils may end up being one of the most lucrative parts of the cannabis boom” and spotlighted Medical Marijuana, Inc. as a “trailblazer” and “truly a company to watch.”

Read the full Finance Registrar article HERE.

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